Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weepers: A Meme Of My Own Making

I have been tagged by so many of these things, I decided to make one of my own. It's movie-related, and kinda fun if you're a film buff, and might be the first in a short series if well-received. Here's the assignment: Think of 3 to 5 movies that have (or better yet, still do, every time you watch them) made you cry. I mean really cry. Real "weepers." Now to go Google Images and find a scene from the film that doesn't overtly identify it, and post your results on your page. Link the pictures to the movies' iMDB pages. Notify me here if you participate, with a link to your entries. Visitors, see how many of these sob stories you can identify from the screen grabs. (There will be "spoiler" discussions in the comments, so don't read comments unless you're done guessing or have clicked the links to the pictures.)

Here are my entries (and believe me, I had a LOT to choose from):

I am tagging some specific people who I know as movie buffs, that I think will participate, but I'd also like to make it an open invitation, so maybe I'll meet more like minds! Just leave a comment letting me know that you've played, and I'll visit your list, too. Let's see how far this one goes. My tags:

Alex (My husband. That's right. Please patronize his VERY FIRST BLOG-POST. Don't scare him off.)

You're it--you're ALL "it," now GO!


  1. Oops. I'll try that again. I put my (very first!) meme on my new blog!

    Meme here!

  2. I did it!

    I only got one of yours (Sling Blade) but I managed to get 4 of Alex's.

  3. CMC--yours were good ones! I did not cry in B.F., but it was sentimental.

    melissa--Good! Did you check mine to see what they were? If you've never seen that third one...wow. And the first one on my list and last one on Alex's? Just the #1 biggest bawling movie either of us have EVER seen.

    Be sure to leave comments for Alex. We're trying to DRAAAAAAW him into this blogging thing!

    I'll go check out yours now.

  4. I got Sling Blade on the bottom. Is that GWTW (as it's known in Atlanta) in the middle?

  5. I got West Side Story and Slingblade but the others are tough!

  6. I did it too! I could see Dark Victory, West Side Sotry and Slingblade for you. My list has a real spoiler...

  7. I got the last two. Sling Blade is one of mine. Intriguing -- must play. Soon.

  8. Tell Alex to change his blog so that non-blogspotters can leave comments!

    Your game is a big hit on my site as well...come up with another one! Maybe...movies that made you laugh the hardest?? That's harder..for me anyway. I can cry about anything but it takes more than just ignorant stupidity to make me really laugh.

  9. Doug--Nope. ;-)

    VG--I know. For Dark Victory you have to almost be a Bette Davis fan (it was her favorite role, she supposedly said), NO ONE has seen "Dancer in the Dark," which is a shame, and "Imitation of Life" is really, really a must-see. Be sure it's that version, with Sandra Dee and Judy Garland. The earlier one isn't nearly as good.

    zelda--I'm a real boo-hoo-er. Eventually I'll do another list, but with books. I'm hopeless with books, to the point of re-reading and stretching out the parts that touch me.

    andrea--I'll be emailing you with some pictures today, to help us decide about that...thing. :-)

    melissa--you're right. The laughers are more difficult. The only stupid one I can think of that made me really laugh was "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle." And then I was embarrassed. I'll go fix Alex's site.

  10. alright I am going to admit it, I havent ever seen Dark Victory. IT IS ON THE LIST. I am slowly making my way through Joan Crawford, for she is the most fabulous of all fabulousness. David was watching Dark Victory the other night and that is how I came to realize that it is a must see. I am only a gay in training.

  11. Dark Victory:
    Doctor: You've been having headaches, haven't you?
    Bette: I haven't!
    Doctor: You're having one now, aren't you?
    Bette: Oh, stop this! I haven't a headache, I haven't!

    And the scene? THE scene? Saying goodbye to the dogs. Yeah. The crying starts well before that, in the flower bed and seeing off Hubby for his important conference, but the farewell to the dogs is, of COURSE, what gets me.

  12. Oh, and that is Ronald Reagan in the picture with Bette.

  13. West Side Story is one of my top 3 all time favorite movies.

  14. what the heck? i only knew west side story and sling blade. i've never even HEARD of the other three. good job!

    i'll do this one. i'm lovin' me these memes!

  15. Mine are up at:


    Come see if you can guess them. This was a REALLY hard meme for me, and I ended up with 8 because I just couldn't whittle the list of 20-odd films I originally had down any more.

  16. Opps, my links aren't working. I HATE blogger today.

  17. Hi Belinda,
    I posted on my site: www.stephaniestage.blogspot.com. What a great meme for movie buffs! :)

  18. OK, my links are FINALLY working. This took a LOT of work. It's up and ready to play.