Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two (Or Three) Bits

This is my current desktop wallpaper image:
Every time I fire up the laptop, Bella points and exclaims, "That's Huey Boondocks!" How does she know that?

And I spotted this cute little thing on Karen's blog. Takes 2 seconds, and has some funny results. If you capitalize the word you put into the engine, your result will be a noun. Lower-case words can be just about any other part of speech. One of my favorites was when I plugged in the registered name of our next puppy to go out to show--J.T., the one who howls like a coonhound--and did not capitalize, my result was an adjective: "Banshee-like." Let's hope my own result proves as accurate:

Belinda DeAnn --


A master of storytelling

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

NOW--I sent out the Johari Window to 8 people who know me best in real life, and saved those results. The time has come to see how my real-life persona jibes with what I'm putting forward on this blog. How fun is that? So please participate by going to my Johari page, and picking the six words that, in your opionion, based on what you know of me from what I present here, best describe me. I'll give it a few days, then publish both results. (I do find it endearing that my husband chose 4 of the 6 words that I myself selected.) OK, go! Play! After this, if I think my fragile ego can stand it, we'll do the Nohari window.


  1. Harley Britt - noun - like a train riding hobo.

    Yeah, that sucks.

  2. umm.. Celena-noun-Master of storytelling... must be a glitch!

  3. Huey - they did a decent job with the cartoon, but it's still not as good as the strip.

    Gotta love it though.

  4. For my name, I got "Banshee-like," which is apropos.

    I also put in Nik the Wonder Horse's registered name, all one word of it and got:

    "Pretentiously academian"

    Well, he is a bit of a snot. It suits him.

  5. Theresa Marie (noun) A person who enjoys the smell of rotten eggs

  6. Kimberly Katherine (Ajective) "fuzzy to the touch"

    Haven't figured that one out yet.

  7. Margalit: A person who has the ability to be invisible

  8. How come the Johari window didn'[t have swell? I think you're swell.

  9. PS Do you remember telling me LONG ago that when I got a car NOT to have Britt C but on my license plate because people would say OH look THERE GOES BRITTSEE. That is one of my favorite memories. That and trotting for the first time in YEARS on Misha in Kellogg Acres riding ring.

  10. Judith Ann:

    a human transformer (robot in disquise)

    Hmmm. So that's how I get so much done!