Monday, February 20, 2006

Things You've Probably Already Seen Unless You Are Related To Me

But just in case you haven't, i.e. you are a member of my family, a couple of musts.

First, how do you get 400 comments on a blog post in less than 3 days, and 2 spots on Boing-Boing in that same time-frame? Check this blog to find out. I realize that I am impossibly naive and idealistic, but the mere existence of people like this is of complete and total amazement to me. And they're Canadian! Is that even possible? They're obviously not natives.

And this has been posted ev-er-y-where, but again, my family? Pleeeeze watch small Asian children play the marimbas and hop up and down. Seriously. And here is a link to their website. They're called...wait for it...The Marimba Ponies. More videos are online here.


  1. I hadn't seen the camera story either. Un-frigging-believable!!

    Of course, I hadn't seen the jumping kids either. That was pretty neat, too. I'm off to see more of their videos now.

  2. Why did the people even bother to call? And what does a nine year old need with a camera?!

  3. I cannot believe the camera-stealers.

    As an aside, I know we Americans get labeled as arrogant thugs who oppress the sweet, sensible Canadians but believe it or not, I know/have done business with a few Canadians who have shown chutzpah that has left my mouth gaping...not to mention dodged/defended myself against inaccuracies or judgement calls just because Dubya is in office. Ignorant & closed minded to relevant opinion comes to mind for some of these interactions. But, I've worked with some very kind Canadians too.
    Regardless of their national origin, I am aghast at the sense of entitlement of these losers. I am sorry their child was diagnosed with diabetes but illustrating a false sense of entitelment to him is not the Parenting Answer.

  4. cmc--Bella and I are seriously digging on the hopping marimba ponies. I think she would watch them all DAY.

    Sheryl--I could see, if a kid had an intense interest in photography (my 8-year-old nephew is showing some remarkable talent in that area) getting them the cheapest of digitals to take pictures of their own...but a "big kid" camera? *I* don't even have one of those!!

    Michelle--You're right, of course; there are jerks and heros everywhere, regardless of nationality, etc. But my Canadian blogger peeps (and by that yes, I mean the little marshmallow chickens) are SOOOO wonderful and some of my most favorite people, that this offends me even more!

    It looks like the rightful owner is pursuing the matter at least out of principle, so it will be interesting to follow the story. Do you have a flickr account? I need a Nat fix.

  5. I hope that gal gets her camera back but bad karma for the taker either way.
    I am lacking in photo blogs indeed--I shall look into flickr though. I feel like I owe you the most of the I-peeps, you've "known" Natalie since she was born and constantly post fun photos and stories of your sweet, smart, charming little dumplin' that just make my day. Is flickr like a photo blog in which people can just stroll over? Can I lock it? Anything that will help me is good.
    BTW, I usually do not get direct responses when I comment in your blog and then you respond, except when I look back, like today. I read with interest how you are securing your "country estate" ;). I hope they leave soon but it sounds like a great idea that you are going through this bit o' inconvenience.