Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thanks, BoB

And everyone who voted and posted nice things and came to visit. I'm honored to be in the company of the other nominees, and have found some really great resources and met wonderful people through this process. Thank you especially to the judges, who went to great lengths in the face of a series of Murphy's Law fiascos. It's been a lot of fun, and nice to be recognized as one of the "little guys."


  1. Woo-hoo!!!!!


    Go Belinda, go Belinda, go Belinda!

    *maidink doing her best Martin impersonation*

    Oh, you GO girl!!

  2. Wow! You've been my favorite ever since I found out about your blog, and I appear to be in good company here. I thought Craigslist was addictive -- CL doesn't hold a candle to Ninja Poodles!

  3. Belinda you are never one of the little guys, but one of blogging's true treasures

    Sure that at least a hundred other people think they discovered you, but I will always take part of the credit

    To be very honest I'm doing it partially for the exposure, and a lot for the reasons you said on my blog--want my niece to know our family, warts and all

    You sooooo rock; you just defy every myth. It's totally refreshing

  4. BELINDA!!! I knew you'd win, you Rockstar you! You won't be one of the "little guys" anymore, not that you ever were in my eyes. Love ya, love the poodles :)

  5. I was actually 3rd place, but they give the "winner" button to the first 3 placers. I won the popular vote by a lot, but the Blogger plain template and lack of design/presentation knowhow hurt me, I think. And the first and second place winners, JurgenNation and One Man Bandwidth, are really great. Check them out!

  6. I think you should have gotten 1st place, but I'm a bit prejudice. Congratulations on placing!

  7. leslie, jess, and jane--thanks so much. I was blown away to get the popular vote that I did. I think it was around 200 votes beyond the next-highest vote-getter. That meant more to me than anything! People are reading!!

    Jane, we should get together and hold our own awards. ;-)

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