Saturday, February 04, 2006

Random Household Quotes

But first--Grandmom? That cake you brought over? With the chocolatey goodnesss? SO GOOD. And so gone!

My 3-year-old daughter, yesterday, when I made her sit at the table to eat, put a big scowl on her face, pointed at me, and said, "Mommy, you're fired!" And no, we don't watch "The Apprentice," so we have no clue.

Alex, in his sleep last night: "Do you feel it? Will it be a happy time? Can you sense the peace?" Then he smiled, hummed a little, and stroked and patted me like a pet bunny a few times. If you knew my husband, this would be very creepy.

Isabella has taken to unveiling things with a dramatic, "voila!" Again, no idea.

Discussing one of my many neuroses, particularly that I would rather be poked with sharp sticks than have my nostrils pinched shut, Alex called me "crazy." I recited a litany of some of his past behavior that was, um...shall we say, "over the top", and told him that he was the pot calling the kettle nutso. With no hesitation, he said, "Yeah, but I have an illness. You're just crazy."

Bella, unbeknownst to us, reinstalled and screwed into place with a screwdriver the faceplates in her room that had been removed for painting. Why? "Because, if there are holes in my wall, the bugs will come in."

Alex, mocking my positioning of a cardboard box in a truckload of stuff being moved: "Do you really think it's gonna ride like that? You might as well put a sheet of loose-leaf paper on the roof!"

Me, mocking the overwhelmingly fruity air-freshener in his truck: "Dang, it smells like Sam the Froot-Loops Tucan farted in here. A lot."

Also, apparently, the child is seeing dead people. Twice now, once just with me, but once in front of Alex, she has pointed out the activities of people...where nothing was. The first time, it was "a sad lady, she is crying and crying. See her?" The next time, she got very agitated and pointed, as if following motion, saying, "Mommydaddy! See that boy? He is laughing and running, by the STREET! See? See?"

We're hoping for an active imagination, and not a toddler medium.


  1. Toddler Medium would be kind of cool though, don't you think?

  2. Yeah, except we'd never know what was actual paranormal reporting, and what was just made up. I can see it now..."Mommy, the little girl on the swing says she wants the Polly Pocket House of Design..."

    But as a T.V. show? Way cool.

  3. The medium thing...that's just creepy. But wow she can use a screwdriver!! Now THAT's impressive!

  4. OK, you're right. That line between truth and fantasy would definitely be blurried. Maybe she can just be a vampire slayer using the forces of the unseen to say the world. Again. Alrighty, time for bed. :)

  5. I have just one question to ask...when Bella did her "medium" tricks did you hear the Theme of the Twilight Zone playing as background music?

    Well, it seems there are several of my Xanga friends trying to decide if we stay there or move to I'm here for awhile to see how it goes. BUT it is SO much harder to figure out and doing all that HTML crap...I hate it but hey, I can learn.

    You may get visits from my friends. I have posted links on my site so you can see who they are. If you get some unknown traffic it may be 'cause I have told them to come see you!

  6. Melissa, no one was more surprised than we were!

    Kristina, apparently there are dragons around here (see "about the town" post), so you never know!

    D-We LIVE in the Twilight Zone. Especially now, going back and forth between houses. Hopefully we'll get it done soon and things will settle down!

  7. Oh, and the way I handle Blogger is to use the "compose" feature all the time so I don't HAVE to use html. Ever. Even when you're putting in links, you can pretty much just copy what they have in there already, without actually knowing what any of it means.

  8. Hilarous -- although the last one would freak me OUUUTTT. Found you through Kristina. I'll be back!

  9. Kristen--my sister said, "What if all those kids with 'imaginary friends' are actually seeing dead people?" Eep. Neither she nor I had imaginary friends, so we don't really know. I did talk to myself all the time, though, and Bella does, too.