Saturday, February 25, 2006

Peeking Pony Filly

Peeking Pony
Originally uploaded by ninjapoodles.
All Right, so I had to do this one, too. But come ON! Look at that!

Oh, and go ahead and start showing the clicky love for my new tenant, at the right, there. (pointing)----->
She's a lovely lady from Arkansas, and this is an uplifting site. I'll be writing more about her later, as she has FOUR blogs, and I'm dying to check her out!


  1. The Flickr slide show works great. The baby is adorable -- I especially liked the picture taken In the house!
    Ignorant Florida girl question here: Is it common for you to have snow on the ground, and then nice green grass a few days later, or am I mis-reading the photos?

  2. Did you find a name for your little (filly-is it?) horse?

  3. You did good on Flickr! Way to go! Love the pony pics.

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  5. Thanks for renting to me! Show Them Through Me is the main blog that I post to, but Blogging Days and Blogging Nights is the one I was doing before so it has lots and lots of posts on it, including my journey through The Purpose Driven Life.

    I'm sure I will enjoy my stay here. I've already had 7 visitors from your site! Thanks again!

    In His Love,

  6. Melora, hi! That's a perfectly legitimate question, because Arkansas is the land of the bizarre weather. It's been in the 70's the last couple of days, and it was just last weekend that we had the ice storm. You really never know around here! The green grass is probably rye, which is a hearty winter grass, very green, and some clover, which you can't kill with a stick. It was there before the ice and snow, and the ground was never cold enough to kill it.

    celena--yes, filly, because she's a girl. A boy would be a colt, and either sex is a foal. We'll hold off on naming until we have some idea what color she will be! I thought black at first, but now I'm not so sure it won't be a roan-y chestnut.

    jamie, thanks!

    annette, welcome, and I hope we're good to you!

  7. Went over to your tenant's site. Nice blog.
    Oh my gosh, that baby pony, I just want to hold it!!!

  8. Jane, you CAN! She's that tiny!

  9. I thought YOU were the only lovely lady blogger in Arkansas...

  10. My 9 year old daughter Emily wants your pony baby, or any other horse you care to send our way. She REALLY liked the post about Misha.