Saturday, February 04, 2006

Only MY Friends Would Do This...

And I can't stop laughing. TRUST ME.

Oh, and while you're here, go see Celena, my renter, in the sidebar on the right. Worth the trip.


  1. Great photo and an even better description. This woman Gretchen has seven children? SEVEN? Wow, I'm impressed. She looks so normal. But maybe the baby heard about all her siblings and that photo was her reaction! Too funny.

  2. She is better than normal. She is wonderful. And each of those children is beautiful, smart, and gracious. It's amazing. If you go back one entry (or maybe two), you can see how beautiful that baby really is, and each of her other children holding her. They're awesome.

  3. Too too funny; but only you could make it so funny and so meaningful at the same time

    In awe of that ablity