Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Love, The Love

Yeah, my husband owns Valentine's Day. He does neat and thoughtful things that require planning ahead and consideration. Exotic tropical flowers shipped in from overseas. Gourmet chocolates from wonderful places. Those special, beautiful, and uncommon Leonidas roses that I carried in my wedding bouquet (honestly--how many husbands know what type of flower, much less what variety, their brides carried on their wedding day?).

This year, I received from Alex a sweet card with his own heartfelt sentiments written inside, several pounds of chocolate, an item to risque' to mention here (and don't email me), and the biggest, prettiest bromeliad I've ever seen. It is perfect in size, composition, and color for this setting, and he knew it would be.And what did I get him? My usual. Nothing, poor man. I never paid any attention to Valentine's Day before I got married, and I guess I need to start. It's only taken Alex 5 or 6 years to warm me up to the idea. And it's not just me he remembers. It's his mother, my mother, and my grandmother. He's a good guy. Really. Crazy, but good. Or maybe just "crazy good." In any case, this serves as a public proclamation that this wife is going to try to be a little more "wifey" as soon as this doggone move is complete, which, the Good Lord willin' and the crik don't rise, will be Monday.

Until then, show the love, people.


  1. Oh, can we trade?!? Please?!? Just for a year or something?!?

  2. You forgot to mention that Alex also gave each of the 7 women with whom he works little valentine teddy bears. He placed one on each desk. Mine was the only one that said "Hug me".

    Yes, bloggers, I am his mother-in-law and his employer. Now he really has your sympathy, huh?

    He's a sweetie!

  3. oh, and i'm the one with the disgusting love... riiiight.

    happy VD, belinda. aren't we lucky?

  4. you lucky lucky girl ;o) heck, even mama likes him!

  5. Well, he is certainly setting the bar high, isn't he?

  6. He's making us VDay slackers look vewy vewy bad. What a man! Good luck with the move. Blech!

  7. Alex is the kind of man who makes things difficult for the rest of us.

    He must be stopped.

  8. *Sigh* I think I'm in love with Alex now. He's the McDreamiest!

    My husband, after receiving a card from me at breakfast, went out on his lunch hour and bought what must have been the last card at Kroger's. At least he did that.

  9. love to you both, or rather to all three of you. ok, the dogs, cat and horses too. count yerselves up and kiss everyone from me.

  10. celena--I was going to say you wouldn't last a year, but then I rethunk it. I think you could handle him. And you're younger, with more energy. But really, you're just missed ZKD and getting delirious, here.

    mom--he knows how lucky HE is. Both of us fell into clover in the MIL department!

    jen--you guys (again younger, more energy) win the sweetness-til-you-puke award for sheer endurance. With Alex and I, the grand gestures come in fits and starts.

    jac--and he likes mama, and I like HIS mama! Thank Heavens for both of us!

    Mr. Fab, Jamie, and Dan--remember that episode of "The Simpsons" when all the men in town are out to get Apu for showing them up in the romance department? Trust me, it ain't like this every day, and if I don't get off my duff and start reciprocating (i.e. cooking some meals, etc.), it won't be like this any more at all!

    queen--I think, all things considered, we both are. The journey hasn't been easy, but we're in a comfortable place now.

    elizabeth--your husband did more than *I* did. :-( It ain't all hearts and flowers, though...come around after dinner when it's "pull my finger" time. You'll see.

    JenB--if I count us all up, I have to admit how many mouths I am feeding. That can not happen (but there are an even dozen dogs right now, counting the puppies)!