Saturday, February 25, 2006

How To Send Six Poodles Into Simultaneous Apoplectic Fits:

Turn some ponies loose in THEIR backyard, after first locking them in a paddock. Laughing is optional, but very disrespectful.

(This is my first attempt at posting directly from flickr. Let's see how it goes, shall we? Click the picture to enlarge it, and to see the other 4 new pony pictures. Worth the trip, I assure you.)


  1. It came out fine and the pony is soooo cute!! I like the pic of her peeking around the tree.

    Yes, my Poodles get mad every time the horses invade their backyard. They never were very good at sharing.

    In answer to your question a couple posts ago, Snowpop was made up by me. If she stays chestnut, then Dreamsicle would definitely work. Good luck on the naming.

    My mom is having baby pony envy right now, so I am not sending her any more pictures.

  2. kim--it cracks me up. I have MPGs of Reggie, all 16 pounds of him, just raving at a sheep, sure he could kill it. And when Peter, the toy poodle, lived here, he would get frothing mad every time a horse rolled in the pasture. He was SURE that, if only we would release him from the confines of the yard, he could take 'em down!