Thursday, February 02, 2006


Cold. Rainy. No shadow visible. If that means 6 weeks of winter, well, all-righty, then. We haven't had that yet this year! If it's 6 more weeks of what we've had so far, then no thanks. Bleah. But whatever comes, I'm ready.

I want to thank everyone for their comments on yesterday's post, which was an unusually "down" one for me. Keep them coming, they're helping immensely. Especially those of you who've never commented before. It's nice to know you're out there, and that you relate.

I talked to Alex about the nature of criticism a little last night. He certainly wasn't being "mean" to me or anything, especially not on purpose. He has a very analytical, problem-solving nature, and as such will encounter and assess a situation, and naturally point out where the structural faults are. And that's fine, unless you are the person (the very sensitive person) who has spent all day building said structure, while simultaneously wrangling, feeding, and cleaning up after a toddler, because you are "off" work.

What I would suggest to those of you who find yourselves on the other side of this equation would be an approach that offers alternatives to what you see as something that doesn't work as you'd like--not just a blank criticism. And try to start with something like, "Hey, you really got a lot done here. Can I help with [whatever change you think needs to be made]?" Just a thought. It really hurts if, say, you have done 5 loads of laundry and folded and put it all away, and the first thing your significant other says, looking in the hamper, is, "Oh, you didn't wash my green t-shirt. I was hoping to wear that tomorrow." Ouch.

Now, enough of this! We are relaxing this morning, catching our breath! We are holding our happy, snuggly daughter! We are reading "popular novels!" We are taking laxatives and clonazepam! Things are much better after a poop and an anti-anxiety pill! Not to mention a reality check! Why, we're even starting to feel like painting some more! Oh, and I love you guys.

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  1. Hey, even better, how 'bout "I'm going to run another load of laundry since you did FIVE today already. Got anything I can throw in for ya?"

    That's not personal to Alex, just in general to folk who see something not done and act like the things at the end of their arms are there for decoration!!

  2. Hee. Shades of me and my man.

    OMG. Same sich in Chez Kirby. I've been writing--the whole point of me being home--have also done horse chores, walked the dogs, done some laundry. He comes home and sees a few dishes in the sink. "What? Are you boycotting dishes?"

    I stomp away in a snit, leaving him whining, "What? What? Now you're mad?"

    Men. Love 'em.

    Chin up. You got a cute daughter, great hubby and army of cute critters. :)

  3. Unfortunately, I'm a lot like Alex. Not that I'm analytical in a smart way, but I over analyze everything. When I'm critical, it comes out before I think about how to say it & can be very hurtful.

    ps...thanks for renting me your blog & all the clicks!

  4. What a cute picture! I don't know how to get it all done either- and I'm only a puppy mommy, so I don't have to keep up with one of those tiny human creatures. But I am student teaching, so that might be why I'm pulling my hair out. That and the escaping husband thing. And the remodelling. Good luck.

  5. Now where was this picture when my students wanted to know what a groundhog looked like!:)