Friday, February 24, 2006

God Is In His Heaven

I'm changing the sheets in the bedroom, Bella is trying to cram Delta into Alex's closet, and my husband is cleaning the kitchen, preparing a meatloaf* for dinner, and belting out "Renegade" at the top of his lungs.

And all is right with the world.

*This is Bella's favorite protein-based food of all time. When told that Daddy was making meatloaf for dinner, she gasped and clapped her hands to her face like she'd just been announced a Miss America finalist, jumped up and down, and squealed, "That makes me SO HAPPY! That makes me--just--A! LOT! OF! HAPPY!"

The other thing I have to share before I forget it is what happened during the news. We live in Arkansas, but we kind of "fudge" our address so that we can get our network TV feeds via satellite from New York and California. We tend to have the TV on California stations when the news comes on, for whatever reason, and are frequently drop-jawed at something going on there (for instance--is there a mandatory high-speed chase minimum per day by county, or what? And what's the deal with electing Ah-nuld, anyway? We don't get it). At the top of tonight's newscast:

Newscaster: "Shocking new statistics revealed recently show a marked increase in DUI arrests in California wine-country, compared to other parts of the state."

Alex: (without even looking up from what he was doing, and in loud, cheesy newscaster voice) "FLASH--In Krispy Kreme, Ohio, cholesterol is high! Doctors stymied!"

And so, I love him.

So that's us this evening. A lot of happy. Happy Friday night, everybody.

Oh, yeah--go watch this. All of it. And pay attention to the music.


  1. As a native Californian I could take offense, but I'm SO over California. The news is particularly pathetic, especially the local weather. 72 and sunny every frigging day and when it rains it's HEADLINE NEWS. Yes, car chases are de rigeur. I've mentioned that I was caught in the middle of a high speed chase in Berkeley, where a police car smashed into the car I was in, while we were sitting at a stoplight. HOnest, we were NOT MOVING. His reasoning? We were in blue car in front of a blue house and he didn't see us. That we were in the middle of the damn road... anyhow, call me $25K richer after that law suit. First downpayment on a house, thank you Berkeley CA police dept!

  2. Is it wrong that I am in love with your husband and want him to come and live with me and say random things?

  3. That video of Chris Bliss was amazing!!

  4. Couldn't watch the video - I'm at work.. :-(

    Aren't those family times together the best? :-)

  5. I would like to add Alex to my "Wish List", please. He will be required to mutter erudite comments every 10 minutes. Is he up to the challenge? Or will I have a poodle-crazed woman on my heels?

    He's a gem. So is Bella. JUST SO HAPPY. OMG. JUST SO ADORABLE.

  6. Hilarious husband and a daughter in love with meatloaf. Happy is your house!

  7. Okay, my dad didn't cook it, but meatloaf was and still is a fave at my parent's house. I can't get mine to come out right, probably because I tried to shrink her recipe to fit one person, instead of six.
    Glad you had a happy Friday.

  8. margalit--I love that story. You were INVISIBLE. Camouflaged. How could he possibly have knkown you were there?

    britt--yes, a little wrong. ;-)

    judy--I know! It doesn't hurt to be a Beatles fan, either, huh?

    laurie--yes, and you have to watch it at home!

    celena--you either love us or hate us; glad you're in the latter camp! And I DID go to bed! Hush up!

    Mocha--First of all, Alex also comes with poodles, so there's that to consider. Secondly, the gems that fall from his lips cannot always be classifed as, um...erudite, exactly. I'll be posting an example today. And when was the last time something made you SO MUCH HAPPY? I wanna be 3 again. (BTW, have the rest of you laid eyes on this woman? It burns, the beauty!)

    Dixie, yes--and I had to tell my mom about the street scene you witnessed, and we were laughing so hard...a world away!

    kim--I have only once felt a meatloaf I made was perfect. There are just too many darn variables! And never enough partially-carmelized sauce. Isn't that the way of the world?

  9. That video is amazing, how he always looks on the verge of dropping the balls but never does.


    Alex-I belted out a belly laugh at "Krispy Kreme, Ohio". HA!

  10. I wish I could remember HALF the things Geo says during the course of a day. Maybe I ought to pay attention to him a bit more.


    The news in CA may be stuck on high-speed chases, but here in Philly, we have the mandatory "fire" story every.stinken.time. And if there weren't any good fires in Philly, we'll go to NJ, DE, or wherever to get a fire story. Hell, they reported about a house fire in Ontario once.