Sunday, February 05, 2006


Alex and I, since Bella has moved ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS to her "big girl" room, are ourselves now learning how to be "big kids" again. We're enjoying the heck out of each other, mainly in the form of laughing. A lot. And loudly, because we won't wake up any small people with hair-trigger sleep reflexes. Late tonight, the thing that has us going most is listening, via a baby monitor, to our supposed-to-be-sleeping daughter upstairs in her room running in circles, belting out movie songs (tonight's favorite is "Gaston," and the only lyric she seems to know for sure is "GASTON!" every few seconds), jumping on the bed, blowing bubbles in her crazy-straw water cup, and flushing the toilet. I can't even be annoyed, because this is precisely the child that I was at that age. As they say around these parts, I'm "payin' for my raisin'." My poor mother.

Also...when I tell you that the fog down here in this holler where we now live is spooky--you believe me! These were taken about 3 steps outside my kitchen door.


  1. I know what you mean about paying for your raising. My son has given me a big lesson on that. I am really scared though because he is a teenager now and I was really wild when I was a teen. I'm in big trouble.

  2. Hey -- thanks for visiting back - we are neighbors... AND, I can't wait til our daughter sleeps far from us - now everything is done with total whisper for fear of waking her (she's a very light sleeper). It sucks...

    PS I'm about 2hours south of memphis.

  3. Isn't it scary, how the "fun" you were as a kid is not at all fun when your kid does it? ...I can't wait till Boy 1 has kids of his own! (No, scratch that, I can wait...)

  4. I know what you mean about the laughing, in our old tiny house the boys' room was right off the living room. Now they are down a long hallway and we can finally turn the TV up and enjoy what we watch!

    You're right about that fog...creepy!

  5. spooky, spooky fog.

    Also, I was born and raised in Floral. And I know some Roberts, why do you ask?

  6. hehe She reminds me of ME at that age (or maybe now) also. And the fact that she is also an only child (which inevitably equals delightfully spoiled!) only magnifies our similarities!

  7. Strangely that sounds like me at her age with the Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation tape. I should be frightened, someone should have stopped me.

    On payin' for your raisin', it could be worse, you could be my brother Scott or Nate or whatever his name is these days. Although he got lucky, his baby girl is not nearly as nuts as he was but then again, she is only 6. That poor boy, he has her teen years to look forward to.

    Fog is spooky anytime. Esp after watching a midnight showing of Blair Witch Project (pre-fake revelation) and having to drive to my mothers house in the middle of nowhere.

  8. Hey that is a creepy fog. Almost reminds me of a scene from X-Files or Night Stalker.

    Sweet dreams!!!! :)

  9. I love the all the life Bella's spirit has! I hope that my kids will be as happy as Bella!

  10. Check your bad self out in Cyberia... You're a teenager again! Woo hoo!

  11. If after she was told 100 times to "go to sleep" the night before, you go to your daughter's room one morning and find her little rocking chair upright sitting on the bed, a flashlight left on with the batteries dead,6 books, wire, rocks and colored glass shards ("pretty ones") under the cover with your angel curled and sleeping atop the covers, THEN I'll smile and say "Payback". I'm getting to say it a lot lately and it's such a sweet release!

  12. fox--Cross that bridge when you come to it. It may not be bad! I was a "challenge" as a small child, but an easy teenager, never got into any trouble at all.

    kristen--I knew we were neighbors! I loved having Bella next to me, but I have to admit, this is kinda nice, too.

    wwk--what you mean is, "I hope I'm there to see it when Boy 1 has kids." ;-) Me, too, momma!

    elizabeth--you've been whispering for a while now, with your crew! Glad you, too, can "let loose" now.

    kari--I have a good friend from there; I'll send her by your blog!

    melissa--stop scaring me! Heehee.

    Britt--at Bella's age, do you know what you INSISTED on listening to every time we used the swimming pool? RANDY TRAVIS. I kid you not. Also, once Sonja Pemberton and I sneaked into your backyard when Scott/Nate had that rear bedroom, and scared the living hooey out of him as he did homework while wearing a Walkman, with his back to the sliding door. Which was unlocked. It's a prime moment from my youth.

    maidink--THANKS FOR NOTHING! ;-)

    celena--I will give you that. She is the happiest person I've ever known since my sister was her age. Also the loudest.
    Which Andrea wasn't. And I hope you have as many happy kids as your heart desires.

    panthergirl--I'd love to be 17 again, but I'm a little concerned about what I'm doing in that swimming pool!

    Mom--Now, see? That just ain't right. I mean, I spent most of my time with you, right? And I'm your child, so whichever side of the nature vs. nurture debate you fall on, I've gotta be mostly "your fault." HA! But seriously? I am so retroactively sorry.