Friday, February 17, 2006

Dunce Boobs

Not to be confused with Bad Monkey Boobs, these are courtesy of Her Royal Sweetness. I'm not one of those clingy-t-shirt gals, so I chose the "deluxe" shirt in "ash" in adult size XL, which I usually need to accomodate the 38Ds. These shirts seem to run a little larger, but I'm betting a washing will bring it down a bit.Go here for a studly, macho man-modeling of the Sweetness.


  1. Hey kiddo! Congrats on your manners lesson...I hate it when kids' answers are so to the get outta my way! LOL

    I have referred a fellow blogger ManhattanSunset on Xanga to you. She has just been diagnosed with Endometriosis after YEARS of suffering and will soon be having surgery. I suggested that she come by and see you if she needed to talk to someone who really knew what she is experiencing...I know you don't mind.

    Hope you guys have a great iced-in weekend! How is all the moving process going? Have you just about gotten everything there and out of the old house? Let me know when you want to talk about getting that one sold.

  2. Nothing to get--Sweetney just makes me laugh. I'm a blogging dunce!

    I'm happy to talk to anyone about "the monster." I think my post here that has the most links to info about it is, "do you know what it means to miss new orleans?" and then maybe "hope, pain, and timing." They should come up in blogger searches.

    And anyone can comment here; even anonymously--don't have to have an account.

    This weather has messed with our plans at the other house, but we have a lot of work to do over there. New bathtub, new countertops, patch & paint, etc. before we can list it.