Monday, February 06, 2006

A Child Of Her Parents

We've been having a real power struggle with Bella lately. She has a need/desire to control every single aspect of her environment, to a degree that, from our perspective, borders on obsessive-compulsive. Just as an example, she had a good-sized meltdown today because there was part of a price sticker on the bottom of the bowl in which I served her pasta florentine. Reflecting on this, and on the personalities of both her parents, I can't be really surprised. She's only a product of her genetics and environment, after all. The only part of her nature that gives me pause is the part that produces behavior such as this:It's gotta be another recessive throwback, possibly a grandmother's gene. Oh, and while you're looking, please observe in the background "Project Next," the pea-soup green hearthroom and purple kitchen.

BUT--affirmation that this is a child of our own hearts, our spirits, our flesh? We had that this evening, too. After having her first bite (accompanied by an enthusiastic "MMMMMMMmmmmmm!") of Ben & Jerry's "Cherry Garcia" ice cream, she looked at me very seriously, and said, "Mommy. I am going to eat. This. Ice cream. To pieces." A totally original phrase, but we'll be saying it all the time, now. That's my girl! And then followed the Daddylike part of the phenomenon:Passed smooth OUT, between the glider and the ottoman, in a chocolate/cherry/sweet cream haze. Please note the sneakers she insists on wearing with her princess nightgown. Want a closer look at the face of a bliss overdose?Now, if you're like me (Heaven forbid), you're thinking, "Where have I seen that before?" Well, it's strikingly similar to something you might remember from your childhood: (If you're feeling nostalgic for the "Wooly Willy" toy, they actually have it at toys2wish4, which is linked in my "shopping" sidebar!)

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  1. You have to be happy that she got the "clean" gene though!

  2. Those pictures are freakin' adorable!

  3. What a cutie! Hey, it's kinda like she is pretending to be a housewife - clean like a maniac, eat ice cream and drop from exhaustion! LOL!
    I came over from Zeldafitz, btw.

  4. What is it with kids and cleaning? Our 3-year old next door neighbor had this blow out birthday party, tons of presents. Her favorite gift, a toy vaccum. Crazy : )

  5. Hmmm. She has the absolute right idea. Eat ice cream, pass out. Skip that cleaning stuff though...

  6. these are adorable!

    I have to ask a question though: are we absolutely positive that your child and mine, by some miracle of scienceor twist of the universe, aren't twins?

    Terra wants to wear shoes 24/7, even with jammies, begs to clean my kitchen (my sweep mommy? pleeeeeeeeeeeez?)We got a new swiffer duster thingy, and she's convinced it's her new toy. And she throws fits over things just like that sticker on the bottom of the bowl... and I mean MAJOR fits. The only difference is, we'd have to give her a new sticker-free bowl before she'd even consider eating.

  7. LOVE the pix--absolutely such a delicate li'l angel.

  8. Found you via BoB. You are friggin' hilarious. I have a 1 1/2 year old toddler who already has her own baby vacuum (kept in the vacuum closet of course) that she takes out and uses whenever I vacuum. She even takes the attachment hose and uses it in the corners.

    My only regret is that she doesn't have the baby Dirt Devil, which actually picks crap up off the floor. Hers is the loser Fisher Price version, which is utterly useless to me. And it sasses back. The bastid.

  9. Aw, man...doesn't get any better than that...passed out drunk on B&J.

    I wouldn't worry about the OCD'ish behavior. At that age they are completely overwhelmed by their unlimited choices as far as likes and dislikes go. My friends little girls would shriek violently at the sight of anything orange when she was two and it's her favorite color now. Go figure!

  10. I love readuing your stories about Bella. She is adorable!!

  11. SHE is too cute. Her own little lady self.
    LOVE her.

  12. I love the chocolate mustache.

    It's so neat watching her turn into such a fascinating little individual, no?

    Love the clean habit. Can I borrow her?

  13. I was gonna SAY...the incessent cleaning is NOT the result of her mother's genetics. I KNOW my Belinda.

  14. Ooh - I love my swiffer with the little vacuum on it. I just wish I had someone else who was willing to run it! Great pictures.

  15. NUMERO UNO, I have a purple kitchen so don't hate, although it backs up to my peanut butter living room, so maybe those colors match slightly better. Bella is friggin adorable. I was like that except with the lawnmower, I think it is a childs way of being a grown up.

  16. LMAO over that pic of Bella with the chocolate around her face. She's adorable. My kids both adore the swiffer wet jet, and I do, too. There is something immensely satisfying about it on wood floors. I don't know what, but it's a great thing to play with. Don't complain.

    4 is a tough age. They're just unreal they're so controlling and bossy. 5 is a GREAT age, though. It's coming!

  17. LOL!!! Now THAT picture is one to show the boyfriends years from now! hee-hee-hee

  18. Those are some great pictures. I LOVE Swiffer products (will be posting soon about the new Carpet Flick) and they are so easy for kids to use. And I love Bella's little braided pigtail too!

    "Wooly Willy"-HAHAHAHA

  19. celena--um, yeah. Especially since neither Alex or I have it, and it takes a concentrated effort on our part.

    mr. fab.--thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

    karen--that's about the size of it! And zelda is truly amazing, a captivating writer.

    VG--I guess it's about emulating adults? Anytime I would ever clean anything, especially dusting, she would have to get her own cloth and pitch in!


    Erin--how far apart are Bella and Terra in age? The whole OCD thing is driving me nuts. We call her "Rain Man" when she does it. "Definitely something on my bowl. Definitely."

    zelda--ah, yes...come around at bedtime and witness the vocalizations and acrobatics of our delicate flower of femininity.

    lucinda--there's a WORKING kid's vacuum? Oh, tell me more!

    dunnster--better than drugs!

    queen--thanks! Stopped by your place earlier today, hope you feel better soon.

    michelle--and you KNOW I feel the same about yours! I think they would be such good friends.

    pat--you might send her back faster than you think! I bet she could give ratdog a run for the money noise and destruction-wise.

    melissa--shut up.

    erin--poodles are highly trainable!

    britt--please tell me that the color of your peripheral walls are "wheat" so that I can imagine you living inside a giant PB&J sandwich.

    margalit--but she only just turned THREE! Eeeeeep!

    maidink--oh, I have SO many.

    elizabeth--we only have a little carpet, so maybe a carpet flick is what we need!

  20. The passed out ice cream pic is the best. I have some photos of my daughter playing domestic diva with her toy vacuum and washing dishes a la nude. I think they have the same clean gene. Found you through BOB. Love the name of your blog!

  21. Okay, that is too cute. They are such fun at that age and will keep you in stitches. I was a neat freak as a child also and stil like to have everything in its place. There are worse things to worry about later on:o)

  22. Shame on you too. More child defaming! (Major cuteness in that girl by the way!)

    And yes, she does look like Wooly Willy...but only around the mouth a touch!