Friday, February 03, 2006

Celena Thinks She Has A Zoo

Well, maybe she does. She's another flippin' Canadian (what IS it about these people that I like so much?), and right now she's handling dogs, cats, rats (the on purpose, pet kind), and the most cherubic babe you ever saw--note photographic evidence--and trying to sell her house all on her own while her husband has gone ahead of the family to their new home in the wilds of the north north north North. I am going to be pretending that I "discovered" her, when really, it was the other way 'round, but who are you gonna believe? So anyway, let's show Celena some love by clicking her thumbnail on the right sidebar, because she is this week's tenant. She's cute as a button, has a loving family, an interesting life, and a mouth--er, keyboard? like a sailor (but we're working on that). Go clicky. You will like her, too. Trust me. Have I steered you wrong yet?


  1. I have a keyboard like a sailor?!? Yikes! I guess I DO need to work on that!! Thanks for the plug!

  2. Cute baby, funny blog. (See? I'm not *always* a grade-A jerk).

    But out of curiosity--isn't Canada as far north as it gets? Are they moving in down the street from S. Claus?

  3. Stef~errrg...


  4. yay for Canadians - its our pioneer spirit I tell ya!

    :: runs to Celena's blog now!::

  5. What is it with you and your renters? They are ALL people I already read. It's so weird. Celena is great. I recommend everyone read her blog.

  6. Celena--thanks. You know when people say "it's an honor to be nominated?" Well, in this case, it was, because of the way the nominees were chosen. I was/am honored as a "little guy" blogger.

    stef--Yeah, they're moving from The Great White North to...the Greater Whiter North? Hee.

    Rachel--and I'm going to read YOU!

    marg--it's because we have good TASTE. And also started getting into this around the same time. And also, for some reason, travel in a lot of the same bloggy circle and like the same bloggy people! Who'd 'a thunk it?