Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bouncing Around The Room

Isabella, chattering me quite sincerely to death this afternoon, finally goaded me into exasperation. I asked her, "Bella, why can't you be quiet?"

Bella: "Mommy, I drinked all your Coke."

Me: "You--wha--you drinked all my Coke?"

Bella: "Yes."

Me: blink. blink.

Bella: (carefully, as if speaking to a very slow-witted person) "Coke makes me talk."

Ah. All clear now, unfortunately. She continued to bounce off the walls for another hour or three, and it turned out it was Daddy's Coke, anyway.

(TMI Warning) In translation today, it made me very sad to hear my little girl, suffering from painful constipation, ask for "the butt-drips." I finally figured out that she meant one of those little baby liquid-glycerin suppositories when she said, through tears, that "the cold water helps my butt feel better." I really hope that this is a transitory problem for her.

I'm slowly but surely uploading more pictures to my flickr pages. Got a few of our wedding up, even, though for some reason they're really small. Haven't figured that out yet. There are some cute ones of our standard poodle "attendants."

Oh, and Sue? We're not house-hunting any more, but thanks for sending me the link to this e-bay auction. Holy Cow.

But seriously, how many tiny screwdrivers do you have? My husband has this many:


  1. i could use one or two screwdrivers that size for my glasses and children's toys. send 'em up!

    tee hee "drinked".

  2. You must as a father and husband carry at least 10 screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, bolts, nails, and anything else that could possibly be necessary to fix anything that could possibly get broken. Ron, my stepdad, has tools that seem to be a bit excessive I mean really who needs to circular saws and piles of unused lumber laying about. He always seems to be coming up with things to build and these 'projects' as mom and I have dubbed them seem to take extensive amounts of planning and standing in the cold and/or rain while looking at the place that the 'project' will soon occupy. It also requires reinforcements from male companions to make sure that it will work correctly. It took him 6 months to build a bridge. An unnecessary one at that.

  3. Uh, well, at least they are easy to store. My husband's latest acquisition, a big ole welder has made for an even bigger mess in the garage.

    Hope Ms. Bella's doing better.

  4. I probably have that many. What has me in awe of your husband is that you can find that many, all in one place.

    Which is why, of course, I always have to buy another one.

  5. TOO cute! Coke does that to me, too, and I often get the 'why can't you just be quiet?" speech.

    On another note - that eBay house! Oh my lord! I want one of those, please. An outdoor theater? Come on!

  6. Hope bella's better! Parker has the same problem. Poor kids, poor bums.

    Aren't those screwdrivers only for galsses?

  7. Coke? Um...are you guys nuts having coke in the house with chatty cathy around? How about caffeine free? If I gave the Boy a coke, he would be dancing off the ceiling.

    As for the little screwdrivers, we have none. We used to have a set, but somebody seems to have lost it, much to my chagrin. I can't adjust my glasses anymore, nor can I fix the computer or open my watch to change the battery. But this is one of those items that I jsut do not ever remember to replace.

  8. Nathan not only likes Coke, he likes Double espresso-shot Mochas too. And then he bounces like Tigger the rest of the day.

    Poor Bella's bum, hope she gets better soon. Can kids have Benefiber?

    And I just asked BC and he says he has 'that many' little screwdrivers too. But he actually builds us stuff so I can't complain.

  9. Oh, and the eBay house? Holy Cow indeed! You can see that frickin' TV screen from outer space, and there seems to be a light on top to signal airplanes.

  10. My 3-year-old luckily has never experienced the joys of fully-loaded Coke. She's so hyper any way, as most 3-year-olds are, (she gets that manic exhaustion hyperness)...I'd be soooooo afraid of that! :) I hope Bella's bommon (as Caitlin says) feels better. We have ongoing poop issues on the other end of the spectrum, no pun intended.

  11. JenB--I was packing them up, but Alex informs me he can't spare a single one. He says he will bring you your own to BlogHer.

    Britt--this is a common thing among people who are hypomanic, too...except the projects often don't get finished before the mood changes or escalated. We used to have all kinds of beginning of "bipolar projects" around the place. No more, thank goodness! You have certainly grown up under the influence of some "manly men," haven't you? You should know everything and then some by now. ;-)

    Pat, I'm still reciting "The Village Smithy" to myself when I think of the J-Man and his new welder.

    Sue--what is funny is that, right before we started moving, he walked around for days hollering, "WHERE IS MY TINY SCREWDRIVER?" Apparently, in the moving process, all of these showed up.

    cmc--I think a bunch of mommy-bloggers should get together and buy that house. It could be a big ol' rockin' commune.

    jess--the applications of the tiny screwdriver are endless. We used them mostly, in the old house, to pick the lock of the bathroom door when Bella locked herself in there. I hope Parker's better, too; just read about his poor bum yesterday!

    margalit--I think we have so many because they're impulse items near the checkout at stores here. And I'm hopelessly addicted to Coca-Cola. I will be trying, yet again, to quit, once I'm weaned off the Effexor. One thing at a time.

    elizabeth--does BC build tiny things?
    ;-) I don't see any reason a kid couldn't have Benefiber--it's just cellulose, right? Couldn't hurt. Her love for bananas and cheese isn't helping, either.

    Queen--I keep meaning to jot things down as they happen, but I always think, Oh, I'll remember that. And then I don't. She's a howl to live with. Between her and Alex...well, let's just say there's never a dull moment.

    jamie--Awww. What's with all these bommon problems? My mother is horrified that Bella says " butt," but the first time she modeled us and said it, what did we do? We laughed. So now it's just all "butt butt butt." Which we were not allowed to say as kids! Actually, she only recently stopped calling it her "bunt," which made us laugh even harder.

  12. Aww, how cute! A bunt, makes me think of cake...

    As an electrician, my husband recently informed me, he needs not only little eyeglasses screwdrivers, but a whole expensive little kit of them. With magnetized tips! Oh well, he's the one who brings home the bacon, so what can I say?

    I hope Bella's bum feels better! I love your stories about her, they always make me smile. Thanks for sharing!