Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bit By Bit...

We dribble into our new home. The ginormous bed looks beautiful, and we love it.Pretty, huh? Even only partially made up? I know that because of this picture, you're thinking to yourself, "Oh, my, the rest of their bedroom suite must be equally lovely." And you'd be oh, so right. Behold, the nightstand:I mean, how many people have a bedside table by Coleman? Not many, that's how many. And I'd be remiss if I didn't show you our exquisite entertainment center:You're green with envy, I know. The barstool/empty ceiling-fan-box combo is not something that could be pulled off by just any interior designer.

And from the "Good Gosh, Just How Southern ARE We?" files, I share this phone conversation between Alex and myself this afternoon--I will write it in actual English, and not the true dialect as spoken:

Alex: "Well, I'll be home in a little while."

Me: "Hey, bring me something."

Alex: "Like what?"

Me: "Some kind of treat. My sweet tooth is acting up."

Alex: "You want, um, an annihilator?"

Me: "Annihilator??"

Alex: "Some. Now. Or. Laters. Candy."

Me: "Oh." (laughing hysterically) "Well, now that you mention it, I might rather have some annihilation, if I can use it like I want."


  1. So you are SO Southern that you can't always understand each other? I love that! And the way you've been feeling, some annihilation might be useful.

    LOVE the ginormous bed, and the Coleman nightstand, and the empty box TV stand. Two houses, one set of furnishings=you make do with what you have.

  2. That bedroom suite it HOT! HA HA! Hey, was it my kid that made you crave a treat?!?

  3. Okay, there is NO reason to make fun of the nightstand by coleman, I had a nightstand by Banana Republic and Nike for several months and at least you have the ginormous bed. My mattress is sitting on the floor. It is zen, so I am told.

  4. Yes, I actually wrote the teacher that note, and saw her today when I attended Drew's Penguin Power Point presentation-- the things they do in 1st grade these days!

    She is a good sport.

    It did make me realize that my emails to the school are a trove of bloggable events.

    I want a bedside table like that-- then I wouldn't have to walk all the way to the kitchen to get some fresh ice water!

  5. LOVE the bed....Still trying to talk hubby into a great big sleigh bed...

  6. Any nightstand taht keeps beverages cold is not only beautiful but functional.

  7. The ginormous bed is beautiful!

  8. Oh I LOVE the look! All you need is a mounted 12 point deer head to double as a clothes drying rack, and you're set!

  9. Oh, lawd, I won't be showing these pics to my husband. He'd think the bedside cooler was nifty...keeps the beer handy.

    Still love the bed. So pretty.

  10. I am SO cringing at the vision of the TV taking a tumble off that, ummmm, entertainment center.

    And you really need to get your act together on the end tables, guys. Anyone with dogs knows that dog crates are the ultimate fashion statement for night stands and living room end tables, which has the added advantage of leaving the cooler lid unrestricted for easy access.

    The bed, it is gorgeous.

  11. Love the bed. Think you might begin a new trend with the Coleman night table

    Should put in pictures of my computer boxes in my bedroom--next to the overflowing envelope of tax stuff and bills--then again, your Coleman night table looks very classy compared to my bedroom right now!

    And love the Southern talk--if I could speak one other language it would be Southern

  12. You see, elizabeth, I grew up in Hicktown, while Alex was raised in the much less sophisticated Cooterville. So his accent is heavier than mine. ;-)

    celena--if you mean, in the sense that ZKB is adorable to the point of being edible, then YES.

    Britt--Swedish platform bed. I would so do that if I were single, but Alex would have a fit. Do it. Do it for me.

    anne--I see serious book potential in that collected correspondence.

    queen--do you know what my one criteria was when we went shopping? "NO SLEIGH BEDS." Turns out, I just *thought* I hated them. Take him shopping and see what happens!

    Dan, you're such a man. I mean THE man, of course.

    Melissa--ain't it? Now I just need a Digger Dog...

    maidink--stop. that. now.

    pat--right. what the hubbies don't know...

    Sue--it's actually surprisingly sturdy. You can imagine how nervous I was watching that project go up. And I can't sell Alex on the disguised crates as decor thing. Oh, well.

  13. Well, I might not have anything as fancy as boxes for furniture, but does it count that most of my furniture is made by Fisher-Price? *sigh*

  14. Pia--I can totally teach you Southern. Just start by slowing down, and streeeetching words and adding syllables. Bella can easily get three out of the word "sad." (btw I'm having trouble trying to comment on your site; when I click "submit" it goes to "page not found.")

    Stef--Oh, we haven't even BEGUN to bring over the red/white/yellow/blue wonder that is the "kid stuff"...not to mention Dora's Talking House. Eeep!