Friday, February 10, 2006


OK. First of all, my new house is not haunted.
There were marks in some paint. They were not the fingerprints of "baby ghosties."
The hearthroom does NOT have Amityville eyes.
The hearthroom has Bette Davis eyes.
I am not painting the hearthroom "blood" red.
I am painting the hearthroom a deep terracotta/brick color.
Alex is NOT running out of medication, and he is not channeling Jack Torrance.

I should never have posted those fog pictures.


  1. That's right, you keep telling yourself that.....

    nice knowin ya!

  2. Go check out my Misha Appreciation Day comment....I'm a little behind!

  3. how do we know who to believe????

  4. Um...DUH. Me, of course. I will admit that there are skittery critters in them-there woods, and the fog is mighty creepy, but ain't no sech things as ghosteses in my house! It wasn't even on the seller disclosure form, so there.

  5. I think that Seller's Disclosure form settles the matter. Perhaps the "ghostie finger marks" in the paint could be explained by the former inhabitant's greasy, but previously unnoticed finger marks? My kids have gotten some stuff on their walls, such as "invisible ink" pen drawings, that paint did not want to cover.
    Still, the fog pics were very spooky, and those "eye" windows are unusual...
    P.s. We are (desperately) trying to sell our house, and I think a ghost might be a nice way to make our house stand out.

  6. No ghosts? That's what THEY want you to believe...

  7. Now you know I love you best, Belinda, but the picture Alex posted does make it look a little like the fireplace wall has eyes.

    Who came up with the name of his blog? You, or him?

    Bette Davis eyes, hee hee!

  8. Come Blog with us, Belinda....

    (flashes of computer monitors... broken, cracked, throwing sparks)

    for ever... and ever... and ever.. and ever....

  9. Betty Davis eyes, just like your little one?!? I think that your "hearth room" looks very nice!

  10. LOL!

    Dang you for linking to your hubbies site. Now I have yet another hilarious blog to add to my growing list!