Tuesday, January 10, 2006

T Minus Two Hours...

...to make your nominations for the "Bloggies." It took me a good half hour to fill out the form, and I didn't even nominate in all categories! Toughest category for me to make my picks in? "Best-Kept Secret Weblog." I know so many of those!! Go, quick, and make your picks! Finalists are chosen by most nominations, so this stage counts. Get your favorites in there! (And if you don't nominate Sweetney for Lifetime Achievement, I shall be very cross, indeed!)

I think I might have nominated everyone on my blogroll for something (there are LOTS of categories), and there were some multiples, like JenB and Dave2. Ahhh...appreciation.


  1. hey, belinda, email me, please: i have a couple of questions for you. rjenkins@tribune.com

  2. i love you. seriously. i have been such a slacker blog lady and here you go sayin' nice things about it. LIES!