Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Painting Tip Or Two

If you even think that the existing color should be covered with primer before you add your new color, then YOU SHOULD PRIME BEFORE YOU PAINT. Otherwise be prepared to apply, oh, 7 coats of the new color. Also? Never take your eyes off the toddler. Never.In other news this weekend, the end of an era: Argyle, one of the Barbados/St. Croix sheep that I raised from a lamb when his mother died, bottle-feeding him daily in my lap on the sofa, died yesterday. The average life expectancy is about 8 years, and Argyle was 9, so I guess it was a good life. NowRamsey is looking nervous. I can tell he's thinking, "Shoot, I'm 2 days older than he was! But he looks as vigorous as ever, and I imagine he will move with us and help break in the new homestead.


  1. This reminds me of my adventures trying to paint white over cadmium red in a painting. Unless I want the area to eventually turn pink I need *at least* 7 coats! Love watching your housepainting project unfurl.

  2. Ok, honestly, I could never do yellow in my house.

    I'd be blind inside of 10 minutes.

    Sorry about your lamb too. Pets are sometimes more a family member than some of the humans.

  3. Condolences (that does NOT look like I spelled it right) on the sheep guy! I'm glad he was able to live his life out with you guys, though.

    And please tell me when the toddler does stuff like this that you sieze the opportunity to holler her name a la Brando in Streetcar. I can hear it now: "Bel-laaaa!" She's a stitch.

  4. I primed some lovely "wood paneling" when we moved in here. I still needed a couple coats of paint and it does not look very good upon close examination. I gave up after like 13 hours straight and two primer/two paint coats.
    I cannot wait to tear that down and good time.
    I didn't know you had sheep too! I used to have my own little lambs. Adorable creatures. Argyle lived a nice, long, & happy life.

  5. hahaha, that has happened to me before a loooong time ago, when I first painted the interior of a house, and didn't realize that you can't paint over a dark color with a lighter color and have it work out well :D At the time, the room had been green, and I was painting it a light mauve, and it ended up looking just disgusting lol

    Sorry to hear your sheep died {hugs} Sounds like he did have a great life though!

  6. Oh Belinda, I remember when Argyle was born, hard to believe it's been 9 yrs. You had them in the house and I loved to call them "goats" just to bug you! Very sorry to hear he's gone.

  7. I'm sorry about your sheep pal. But you know he had a great life with you guys.