Thursday, January 19, 2006

Painter's Progress; Chapter One


  1. Nice job guys! I'm SUCH a bad painter, and I'm quite impressed with the good work. And I'm trying to save up enough credits to rent your blog!

  2. I'm a huge fan of browns, so I LOVE the room colors. I also like the graffiti & your little angel, of course.

    ps...did you know people can vote for you once every 24 hours? Also, the voting goes thru the 31st!

  3. LOVE the last pic with Bella crouched at the winder. What a cutie.

  4. What gorgeous windows. Wow, those are just amazing. Lucky you don't have to pay new england heating bills with those. We have a similar front door. Is your an original? Ours in original to the house and is heavy heavy oak.

    Loe the green room. Which rooms are which? The chocolate room is a lovely color, too. How fun to repaint in such nice colors. We have color, but more sandy colors, nothing too deep.

  5. Relief! At first i thought the hunter green was the paint colour. The following photos and paint colours? Beautiful! I love the leaded glass (or whatever) door.


  6. Celena--Alex and I are a great painting team. I do the cutting in, and he does the roller work. He is amazingly good at it, never leaves any roller lines or anything, and he's FAST.

    Jane--I love these colors. The light one is called "Sands of Time," and the deeper one is "Hopsack;" both Sherwin Williams colors.

    Stef--she was "painting" the windows. She has insisted since the beginning that we paint the windows white. So far, we have resisted!

    Marg--I love that room--all the pics are of the same room. It was green to start with, but not hunter. I couldn't get the true color to come through in the pics, but it was closer to Kelly green. Those windows make up two of the walls. The koi pond and terraced garden are outside. I can't wait to see it in spring!

    Jess,I like the door, too...I have no idea about any details about them, but the previous owner built that whole room from scratch.

    Jon--thanks! I'm having a BLAST. Dropcloths and taping are for SISSIES!!

  7. Love the pictures. You should do that full time.

    And by that I mean make fun of your husband in a permanent medium like wall paint.

  8. I love those colors!! And thanks for the graffiti warning of Alex's um...problem. It's about time you posted more pictures of that pretty girl!

  9. ha! i'm with jess. when i saw that color all i could think was 'holy crimminy i'm so not a fan'!!

    LOVE the saturated beigey look.

    our house looks like a kindergarten with the marigold and hazy purples...

  10. That looks great! I'm painting my living room this weekend... wish me luck.

  11. What a gorgeous room - so big and airy!

  12. I remember that you had an incredible talent for painting rooms and making them look fabulous. I remember being a little boy and LOVING the colors of your room in the house on Fairview. Bright red, yellow, and blue and all in a really cool design. By the way, when I move, I am going to need to rent your husband and have him paint my house because I am a tragic roller.

  13. The room looks great. I'll say it again, Bella's beyond cute.

    Can't decide if she gets from her parents or the poodles. She was doomed to adorable.

  14. NICE job! I love that color.

    How fun for you all! Bella must be excited to move to the new house.

  15. Wow, that room sure was green! I love the brown, and the contrast on the columns. And the hardwood floor. It's a keeper!

    BTW, so sorry to hear you lost one of the puppies. Hope the rest are doing well.

  16. Those colors look simply stunning with the color of the wood floor. It looks so warm and welcoming in there now.

  17. Belinda! It's gorgeous..I will have to make a special trip to Arkansas just to see it. Good luck and happy painting!

  18. Naturally, I like the graffitti. Puerile mind, 'n all.

    Nice colours.

  19. I feel like such a slacker now - when my husband and I bought our house, we had these great painting plans... now 4 months later, and EVERYTHING except one teensy bedroom is the exact same color. I'm such a lazy girl...

    Your room looks great - I love the windows and the light!

    - Erin (the one with Bobby, not Happy)

  20. Dan--I can't do it any more. He's my hero. Love a paintin' man. I have switched my irritability to the painting itself, and the colors, as you will see tomorrow.

    Thanks, Melissa. I made the "stinky butt" up. I think. I'm not checking.

    Oh, Nita...wait 'til you see what we did with the master bedroom! It does look like a marigold!

    WWK--good luck! If I can offer any advice, it is that taping and edging are for sissies and anal-retentives. Just get a slanted, tapered natural-bristle brush, and use caution. They also had this cool thing at the paint store that was like a big mug with a handle, a scraping ledge, and a magnet to hold the brush on the inside! Cut in first, then roll, and you're done! Then post pics!

    VG--I love the room. I can't wait to fill it with plants and wait for spring, when I can look out at the japon, yucca, flowers, and koi pond!

    Britt--I have not read or heard a funnier phrase today than, "I am a tragic roller." The first step is admitting that you have a problem! Heh.

    Doug--you can say it as often as you want. ;-) For Alex, being adopted, it is truly a wonder for him to look into that little face and see himself looking back. Her behavior, I think, is a credit to the poodles.

    Michelle--thanks. Bella is BESIDE herself, as I'm sure you can imagine!

    Elizabeth, thanks. The room was REALLY green. Seriously. Pictures couldn't convey it. All the other pups are doing well...the one was so tiny, and so young, that we surmise he could have merely gotten in the wrong spot and been smothered.

    Angela--thank you; that's exactly what I'm going for in there, and in the hearth room, which you'll see shortly.

    Jessica--come on! We will even have a place for you to stay, now!

    Jen--thank you, thank you. Hopefully you can all help me with some upcoming challenges in the house.

    Pat--I've found that if I deface one wall per room, it kind of diffuses the tension. I highly reccommend it!

    Erin--that's why we had to do it NOW. We are both such terrible procrastinators that if it isn't done before we move in, it just won't get done.

    Thanks, Laurie--bring that hawg on down for a visit!!

  21. Can I come and live there, too? I don't want the stinky butt room, though. :) (Your daughter has incredibly beautiful eyes!)

  22. Yes, Andrea, just bring art that complements and contrasts the paint jobs I'm killing myself over. Alex doesn't reallllly have a stinky butt, I was just irritated, probably at the 400th uttering of "You missed a spot."

  23. A tad late on the commenting...but...I LOVE IT! What a gorgeous, HUGE room!

    It turned out perfectly! Good job. ;)