Saturday, January 07, 2006

Our Name Is Legion

As we take stock of the cosmetic touch-ups we'll have to do on our house before listing it, I call Alex's attention to the multitude of scratches on the wall above the bed all around where his head lies each night. His side only, you understand.

Me: "How do you explain all those marks around your head? Is that where you fight off the brain-bugs that try to get in there at night?"

Alex: "Nah. That's from all those thetans I'm infested with, trying to escape. They don't wanna be in there, either."

Me: *blink* *blink* "Either?"

Thetan jokes are funny (unless you're Tom Cruise), but who else is in there?

(Please visit my renter, "Divine Calm," by clicking on her thumbnail below the flickr badge, top right sidebar!)


  1. do de do do
    do de do do
    Twilight Zone

  2. Thanks for putting in the link - other than being started by L Ron Hubbard & costing a fortune, I know little about scientology. That link is even more outrageous than I had thought - it bears some research & a post of my own I think!

  3. Oh, Mrs. A--it's a hoot. The definitive authority is