Saturday, January 21, 2006

Only FIVE, You Say?

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I was tagged by the sublime Ariel, "in honor of [my] supreme eccentricity," (I'm really hoping he meant to say "eclecticism," and was simply in a hurry and made an oversight) to complete the "5 Weird Habits" meme that is going around. Had anyone else asked, I might have ignored it, but since I can refuse Ariel nothing, especially now that he's going to be a daddy for the first time, I'll give it a whirl. I may have a hard time confining myself to only five.

1. The sound of other people chewing--wet, smacky, clacky chewing-- makes me want to remove my own head with a forceful twisting motion just to keep from hearing it any more. Especially cereal, which has the possibility of slurping AND crunching, and especially over the phone, a practice which should be monitored and punishable by a series of ever-increasing fines. Restaurants should be relatively noisy just to keep me from running screaming into the night.

2. And speaking of a regular meal, meaning the kind that is served on a plate, hot, and not in sandwich form, I have to have a tiny bit of everything in each bite. The correct order is meat, vegetable(s), starch (potatoes or rice or pasta), ending with bread, if bread is served. To my husband's great amusement, if I run out of just one of these items, I'm done with my meal. He also thinks it's bizarre that I could not in a million years eat just a plate of eggs. But I can't. Not without, at the very least, toast.

3. I sleep better with at least one dog in my bed. Two or more is even better.

4. As progressive as I am considered to be, in church, I am a traditionalist, particularly when it comes to congregational singing. I don't like the new "modern" choruses that are projected up onto the holy jumbo-tron for everyone to sing along with, and I dearly miss the old hymns, sung from a hymnal, with notes and harmony and a good old "Ahhhh-Mehhhnnn" at the very end. I miss singing entire hymns, with all the verses. Yep, I'm a church-music curmudgeon, grumbling about "those darn kids with their music."

5. If the head of my bed is against the same wall as the bedroom door (as it will be in the new house), I have to sleep on the side closest to the door. Note that I do not say I "prefer" to sleep on that side of the bed, I HAVE to. Or my head will explode, or I will at the very least make the lives of every sentient being within 100 feet of me an absolute misery until I am in my rightful spot. Been that way since childhood, and even sleeping alone, I do not occupy the center of a bed, but rather that side nearest the door.

Oh, there are SO many more! Ariel chose wisely. On a trail ride (on horseback), I have to ride in front. I am competitive to a ridiculous degree, and will throw ugly, childlike fits or pout when I lose a game. I have to have the AC on in the car year-round. I'm a control-freak to a ridiculous degree.

And what is tickling me about this exercise is that I could have just posted the absolute opposite of JenB's list: I hate wearing socks, I love fruits and chutneys and compotes and lovely grape/walnut salads, I love washing my hair, I adore old black & white movies (really, how can you live a proper and complete life without at least the Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart classics? One day I will tape Jen's eyes open and make her watch these things for HER OWN GOOD), and I love to have furniture arranged on an angle, if the room is large enough to accomodate it. BUT I LOVE JEN! Explain that, all you internet-brains!

At this point, I invite my mother, my sister, my husband, and anyone else who knows me to expound on this list in the comments section. I'm sure Alex will have something to say about my feet or bell peppers and onions later this evening.

And I won't tag anyone specifically, but if you have an oddity or two you'd like to air, now's the time to share it. Come on, come clean!


  1. Yeah, and don't you love those cereal commercials for TOTAL and GRAPE NUTS where it's nothing but people chewing in your ear? I don't want to hear that in real life... why would I want to listen to it on my television?

  2. Yeah, Mee tooo... HAVE to sleep by the door! And I HATE feet.. Ugh!

  3. I agree about the singing in church. Mine projects the words on a screen and you are expected to "follow along" and sing all the notes correctly. Huh?

    My oddity is that I CANNOT put a sock or shoe on my right foot before the left. If I ask someone to hand me my shoes and they give me the right one first, I wait until they hand me the left one to put it on. I have an unspoken understanding with myself that were I to change this rule, something VERY BAD might happen.

  4. Greetings!

    Just a note to let you know about my hymn blog.


  5. I have to agree with you that there must be at least one dog in the bed. I usually have 3 and since they are standard Poodles and a full size bed it gets a little tight at times (plus 1 cat).

    The cereal thing drives me crazy too, and my nieces hear about it when they visit:o)

  6. I also have a fear of things falling on me, but I guess that would be a neurosis, not a habit.

  7. See, already did this one. And looking at my list, I need serious therapy.

    You, on the other hand, need sleep therapy. And a shot of whiskey.

    Oh wait, that's for me ...

  8. I like the new music we sing at church, they're some of the same songs they play on our local Christian radio station. I get a big kick out of it when the twins tells me they know the song on the radio, that they learned it at VBS, or recognize it from the worship service. Much more meaning full than recognizing the latest Jessie McCartney song.

  9. My litmus test for church music is if they have to put the words on an overhead, it is OUT.

    And my friend calls noisy chewing "slappin'" as in "cut out all that SLAPPIN'" which is appropriate, since it makes me want to slap somebody!

  10. I prefer to ride at the rear of the column when horseriding. Nikster, however, though not a large horse, has an enormous stride and walks very fast. So it's up front for us unless I want to "argue" with him the whole time.

  11. Oops, did I say "eccentric" when I linked you? Definitely, "eclectic" was what I was after. A mere slip of the keyboarding digits.

    I'm extremely glad to learn that someone else shares my aversion for obnoxious chewing. Safety in numbers.

    I should also note that Lindsay shares your childlike tendency to pout when she loses. I can't tell you how many games of Scrabble have ended in childlike pouting. Oh well. As I put the board away, I just tell her, "Honey, I can't help it. When you're good, you're good."

    This always seems to help. ;)

  12. Pst--EXACTLY! 15hh Misha can outwalk a 17hh TB or Warmblood ANY day. Pure, long stride. And if I try to hold him in, he just collects himself up and starts singlefooting! I can't stand that, so I got used to being out in front!

    Ariel--Scrabble is the ONLY game I can best my husband in, aside from an occasional hand at cards. If it involves strategy, planning ahead, or counting, well, that's that. I have actually slugged him in the arm, hard, when he made me eat a hand at spades once. I'm not proud of it. I'm with Lindsey--games are fun when you WIN.

    Stef--yep, those short chorus things. They just don't grow on me, no matter how many times I see 'em up on the holy jumbo-tron.

    Theresa--I do, however, like good, contemporary *music.* I have got to get Bella that Worship Jamz CD sung by kids, because she flips out at the commercial, and walks around the house singing in her 3-year-old voice, "God of wonders, beyond our galaxeeeeeee..."

    Kim--go visit Dave's Blogography and see if the cartoon person chewing with his mouth open doesn't give you nightmares!

    ephrem--will check it out.

    elizabeth--Right: No notes, no knowing how it goes, until you've listened to everyone stumble all over it for weeks on end! Same here with the socks. Left foot, right foot. A sock and a shoe, then a sock and a shoe.

    celena--I have some foot "issues" that kill Alex. First of all, if I get a splinter or something (highly likely, since I walk around barefoot all the time), I want him to get it out, but I want him to do it without actually TOUCHING MY FOOT, and can't help jerking it away at the last second.

    Dave--those commercials make me...there are no words. WHAT target market are they trying to reach, there?

  13. For some reason I HATE the gas station. I will wait until the very last possible minute that I think that I can without running out of gas before I will stop and fill up. It feels like a complete waste of time even though it is a necessary evil.