Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mystickal Incense & More

Check over to the right, and you'll see the thumbnail for Stephanie's blog, Mystickal Incense& More. Please give her a click while you're here (this page will remain open, so you can come right back when you're done), and show her how hospitable we are. As a landlord, I only look as good as you make me look! Stephanie's blog is always interesting, because it changes every day, on a schedule! She rants, she raves, she reviews blogs, features photography, has contests, and features her handmade scented products. And as a fellow soaper, I couldn't refuse to send her any traffic I can, right? Go. Now. Scoot. I know how many of you visit, and I know how many of you visit my tenants. I'm like Santa Claus. Except for the presents. OK, so maybe there will be presents. But only if you're good. Because I'll know. Now go, see Stephanie.


  1. I love her site, and found it through you!! Thanks:) Maybe when I get more $$ I will be able to buy from her.

  2. I went over to her site & am glad I did. I put her on my Bloglines. Aside from everything else she's done, she also donated the graphics for my friend's blog:

    Ananke was absolutely floored by this & loves her new look! And I must say, Stephanie couldn't have done it for a kinder person.

  3. Thank you SO much for the wonderful write up of my site! I'm sorry I couldn't post here sooner, as I have been busy repainting the interior of my house. Your kind words really made my day, and I'm so glad to be renting from another soaper! I'm going to add you to my blogroll, and I'm so glad I found your site through BE!

    Jane, I'm very happy to have you as a reader, and thank you so much for putting me on your bloglines! I was very happy to do the template for Ananke, and I was so glad she was happy with it :) She definitely deserved a blog as nice as she was!