Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My First "Tenant!"

And I'm totally in love. I have just spent way too much time at her site, but it is just so inviting, and comforting, and positive. It's called "Divine Calm," and boy, does that fit. I am so flattered that she chose to inhabit my little space for the next week. I could tell you to just trust me and click on the box in the sidebar (just below the flickr badge) and see for yourself, but if you need them, here are just a few reasons to love her:

*Um, already on my webring (bottom of page)
*Smart, smart, and smartness. The gal is SMART.
*Her writing is rife with compassion, thoughtfulness, and intelligence.
*She has the same crazy Santa-Claus toilet-seat cover that I blogged about my mother having!
*Her dogs, Winston and Murphy. Awesome dogness.
*Her booklist.
*Did I mention the smarts? How 'bout the funny? Girlfriend is funny.
*She has an appreciation of life and its experiences that is so deep and so genuine, you can't help but be infected by it.
*You will leave her site feeling better about things than you did when you went there.
*She is a survivor--of much--a triumphant one.
*The Bass Hat. Trust me.

GO THERE NOW. Clicky, clicky! Show the love. Make me proud.

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