Thursday, January 26, 2006

Moving Day Looms Large, And I Am Unprepared!

If anyone is missing email responses from me, I apologize. My computer access is random and spotty during this move. And I have SO MUCH I need to say right now, and movies I desperately need to talk about ("Grizzly Man," anyone?), and no time to do it just yet. But I do have a few little gems to share from the last day or two, then I'm off again.

Bella is having a bit of trouble coming to terms with the vagaries of the English language, and I can't say I blame her. Personal pronouns have been a bear, as well as verb forms. But yesterday, getting her out of the tub and wrapping her in a towel, she said,

"Mommy, my foots are wet! Dry my foots!"

"It's 'FEET,' Sweetie. My FEET."

"No, my FOOTS are wet!"

(pointing to one foot) "See? This is one foot. (pointing to other foot) "And this is one foot." (holding both feet at the same time) "Both of them together are your feet. Two feet! See?"

(pause, and serious expression) "Mommy, that is just crazy."

Last night Alex and I went to pick out a new bed, which was a Christmas present from his wonderful (have I mentioned lately how very very much I lucked out in the mother-in-law department?) Mom. We got a real, actual grown-up bed! Here it is! It's coming Saturday! Wheee!Then we stopped on the way home to eat at a local Italian restaurant that is a favorite of mine for their chocolate cake. That's right, I pick restaurants according to dessert quality. Anyway, I pointed out shortly after we sat down that Alex's shirt sort of blended in to the tablecloth on our table. His response was to draw his arm inside his sleeve and "disappear." See? He's like the Predator. He could be at the table next to you right now. Oh, and a just a warning, ladies--if you are shopping for beds or bedding with a male-type person, especially if he is married to you, and you point out that the coverlet he is sitting on costs $1500, you have just dramatically increased the chances that he will fart into it. --Note to my mother: This is a purely hypothetical situation, and you understand I'm not saying it HAPPENED. Not in so many words, anyway.


  1. Stop. being. so. funny. Seriously! PS I did give you some love on Mommymatic, so, you know, if like, one extra person stops by ninja poodles, ah, that'd be from me.

  2. Hey, Belinda, the bed is BEAUTIFUL! What brand is it?

  3. The bed is beautiful. I'm envious.

  4. Oh my gosh! I wanted the internet world to know the CLEVER things my son-in-law did--not "hypothetical" gross things he "might or might not have done"! Doesn't he know that you will tell the world every crude and embarassing thing? What's that you say? He does know it? That's why he does it?

  5. the farting thing makes me love Alex MORE. MORE!!!

    if he had done it.

  6. Ok, dry his two feets.

    By the way, Tag - you are it

    (as always, I enjoy your blog)

  7. You say that about men like we're some sort of cavemen.

    Oh, right.

  8. That bed is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. Your bed is incredible! Nicely done. And as I'm sure you know, that doesn't just apply to grown men. If he were a infant, he would have immediately thrown up on it. They just adapt with age.

  10. Wow! A big kid bed! It's so pretty:) It's funny to that you choose restaurants on the quality of their desserts. I choose restaurants on the quality of their nachos;)

    P.S. I'm that extra indivudal now reading your site because of Mommymatic:D

  11. Stef--Hey, she did! Ha. Now where are the other two?

    Celena--thanks. It was the only one in 3 states that Alex and I agreed even a little on. He wants furniture that you would buy if you were outfitting a Moorish castle, whereas I'd like it to look, oh...SANE.

    Mel--I think it's just the Haverty's brand. On their website, it's the "Townsend Sleigh Bed." A Louis Phillipe-style knockoff for those of us who can't really buy centuries-old furniture!

    D.C.--If you slept next to my husband, you wouldn't be. I keep threatening to install a bundling board to protect myself from his nighttime flailings.

    Mom--I hate to tell you this, but I *SO* do not tell the internets "every" crude and disgusting thing he does. There is sooooo much more. Count yourself lucky for what you don't know. Trust me.

    Jen--Which, of course, I am not saying he did.

    Allan--you gotta admit, this language can be a bit overwhelming, even if you've known it a long time. Now I have to go see what I got tagged with (heavy, put-upon, dramatic sigh).

    Dan--Right. I think cavemen discovered fire, and probably by the nest day or so were lighting farts.

    Laurie--thanks. Going in, I kept saying, "Anything but a SLEIGH BED." And look what happened!

    WWK--You would just hope they'd "adapt" in an evolutionary manner, wouldn't you? Like, get more mature? Or is that silly girl-talk?

    Emily, thanks for visiting. Stefanie (big liar) claims only 3 visitors, so it's nice to see someone speak up. Now I have to go see what she said about me. So help me, if the word "Titanic" comes up...anyway, everyone knows I'm "The Poseidon Adventure."

    Pat--It really needs a J-Man-Made somethingorother to go with it. With hammered bronze and inlaid hardwoods. So awesome was that gate, so green was my valley, so sick am I of painting....

  12. Tell Bella that I said that the singular form of the word "clothes" is clo. Always has been, always will be. Just ask my mother.

    Speaking of my mother, she has become quite the blogger. She made Featured Content this week (in the xanga world, those are the xanga "celebrities.")!

  13. what a beautiful bed! my gosh, that's like a dream bed. rofl @ hubby farting in the $1500 duvet. priceless!

  14. You certainly know how to add fun to shopping and eating out! (Alex does, too, apparently! :) Is that a sleigh bed? It's gorgeous. But who gets to hold the reins?

  15. Oh my. "Merciful Heaven and All the Little Bunnies?" I love it -- you are now in My Favorites! I have a little one with pronoun problems too. She had a speech problem, and is only now, at almost 4, speaking clearly enough that we are realizing her grammar stinks.
    The bed is gorgeous!

  16. Hi Belinda, was just was going to say that your daughter's misunderstandings with English are common since there are so many irregular formations in it. Learning about pronouns, articles, and parts of speech early will give someone a great headstart. Nice bed. Hope everything else is going good for you.

  17. Sorry for being a grammar freak. Many blessings. Peace and grace.

  18. digi--I LOVE grammar freaks! And I love you, so, double-threat, ya know? It is fascinating to me watching a "new" person struggle with the seemingly nonsensical rules of English grammar. And just wait 'til we get to spelling!

  19. What the hell? That was supposed to say "won't".