Saturday, January 07, 2006

Leetle Puppy Peep-Eyes!

Two weeks old, and their little eyes are just starting to peek open. It will be another 7 days before they can actually see or hear, but I just love when those little eyes start to open!


  1. That's awesome. I love the simplicity and fragility of something so beautiful.

  2. They are soooo cute. My mum used to keep cats that had kittens (I can't really say she bred them, as they were moggy's!), and I remember the eye opening stage as a particularly lovely one. The view of them sitting in the palm of your hand is gogeous. I don't do pets myself, but I like pictures:-)

  3. Oh dear me. That is unbearably precious. Especially love the glossy permanent wave going on in the second pic.

    That's it. I need a puppy.

  4. Yes, the "perm" look is a good portent. Curly hair this early is a great thing! Means a good coat is coming!

    As far as names, the only really good one I have is this:
    Sire: Rembrandt Tales of Glory
    Dam: Renaissance Hopeful Impulse
    Pup: Impulse Hope And Glory (call name Glory or Gloria)


    so cute!!!! ;))

    *bumped over here from divine calm's place, if u're wondering. ;)*

  6. Ack. Thud. [Falls over dead, overwhelmed by "cute."]

  7. I love the teeny wet nose. That is a snuggly looking pup!

  8. haha, i'm sorry. i always get over excited when i see puppies. :)