Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Hurt.

Everywhere. Worked like a dog today between one house and the other. Well, other peoples' dogs, maybe, because mine aren't worth a toot, employment-wise. So...not enough energy to write much today. I can report that after ordering his own dinner incorrectly, Alex ate mine while trying to convince me that what he put in front of me was what I had ordered. Also, Bella's dinner "tasted chickeny." Which was a relief, since it was chicken lo mein.

I'm reading the 10th in the series of James Patterson's Alex Cross series, London Bridges (yup, total brain-candy--I'm too tired for anything else; and I will forgive Patterson the Flying Orphans novels if he will keep Alex Cross in my life), if anyone would like to have it when I'm done. First contact gets it; email me at mishahouse at aol dot com. Call it my own little bookcrossing.

Now go see Jane. To the right. Thumbnail is this color.


  1. Hi tonight, Poodles-
    I am so sorry you hurt!-moving is even worse than you imagine it is going to be even in your worst imaginings. We moved 10 months ago, from a house we had been in 16 years.....I think I am just recovering physically, now. And , yeah, since when do the dogs do ANYTHING but be cute and live on the fat of the land? Ours have the cushiest life you can imagine.I have always wondered about that expression.
    (And, Yes, Ma'am, I went to the guest blog!)

  2. It hurts, but you know you accomplished something... Not necessarily a bad trade somedays...

  3. I hope your muscles have a chance to rest up. Hugs!