Friday, January 06, 2006

How Your Third Christmas Went

Well, it was pretty great. Dear Isabella, you are a darling, precious girl, generous in spirit and grateful in attitude, even at this young age. You even lasted until the very end before the stormclouds gathered and the toddler meltdown happened, which was great. It started out, after church, at Grandmom's house (we were moving in January of 2006, so we had all our Christmas over there, at what you gleefully called "The Christmas House"). Of course, the bicycle was right out in front of the tree, so that was attraction number one. And Santa had also (with the gracious assistance of Grandommy Lynette, who was sick at Christmastime) left a V-Smile, which was a BIG hit.Then before any family gifts were open, we had the traditional reading of the Christmas story from Luke...Grayson followed along with Grandmom. I think your father and I were cooperatively restraining you on the other side of the room.This was your cousin Grayson opening your gift to him, and realizing that it was a Roboraptor......and then this would be a euphoria-induced spell of "Roborapture." You were SO excited about giving him this gift, and that made me so happy. You were every bit, if not more, interested in seeing other people open gifts as you were to receive your own.Grandmom gave you a "Star Station," which is basically a little karaoke machine with a wireless microphone and a webcam that lets you sing and dance and watch yourself on TV. Needless to say, for our little drama queen, this went over well. It was also the catalyst for your Christmas-night meltdown, but that's a story for later.You also got a faux (obviously) fur leopard-print coat and shoes, which you loved, and had to try on with all your bicycle accessories. It was a smart look, esecially with the plaid dress.My favorite gift for you? Had to be your Aunt Andrea's.That's right; Poodle-head bath towel. You love it, I love it. It's a win/win, and sometimes the only way I can get you to take a bath. There was a fabulous late lunch, of which you partook enthusiastically--we always celebrate when you eat anything. After that, there was some bicycle riding, then a good, long stretch of book time with Grandmommy.By this time, it was late in the evening, and after some wild boogeying with Grayson and the Star Station, things began to cloud over a bit...And a bit more...And then rapidly downhill from there, but you were SO tired.We fled for home, trying to get there before you went to sleep, but you had a nanosecond nap in the car, which unfortunately refreshed you sufficiently that you were able to stay up until THREE IN THE MORNING. But we still counted the day a smashing success.

We sure do love you, Little Darling, and you were/are SO excited about your new house we'll be moving into soon, and your new room in it. I hope we can make it just the way you want, and next year we will be having Christmas at our new home. You bless our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas, Sweetie.


  1. So, are you in your new house now?

  2. Noooo....we close on the 13th, and it will probably take us a couple of weeks to get the painting and some minor woodwork projects done and get moved in. Then we have THIS place to whip into shape. Just cosmetic stuff, though, so hopefully not too big an ordeal.

  3. Clicked here through Mrs A who is renting you space on her blog this week.
    I recognise that melt down mode well. We made it through the day without one this year :)

  4. I had to turn my laptop upsidedown in order to read the learning game your daughter received. I have never heard of it before. Looks cool.

    Sounds like your Christmas was a smashing success (especially the poodle head towel). I think by the end of all the Christmas festivities, I wanted to have a little meltdown as well. Oh well, too bad I'm not a toddler and it's socially unacceptable to start crying from exhaustion.

  5. Your family is so beautiful. What a wonderful Christmas.
    Bella continues to grow into an enchanting, sweet girl. We love her.
    I can't wait to hear about your new house. I hope the move goes smoothly. Remember, many hands make light work. ;)

  6. Hey, when you commented that you might be able to help me out with getting a lap dog, were you serious? 'Cause I'd be interested in trying to figure out the logistics of that!

  7. That is a very lovely post, my dear.

  8. Wendy--when does it stop? ;-)

    D.C.--The V-Smile is pretty cool, and simple for her to operate by herself. It plugs right into the TV, and she just snaps different cartridges into it. The controller is big and simple, for little hands. Probably best for about 4 and up, but she handles it pretty well depending on the game. And when I'm tantrum-tired, I'm afraid I DO throw one, but they don't last nearly as long or have the ferocity of my daughter's!

    Michelle--where do I get those many hands? HA. I have to get back over to your place--I've done something weird to my PC where it's not allowing me certain accesses, but hopefully when we move (and/or my laptop gets back from Dell) those issues will be resolved.

    Erin & Tony--Thank you; you two KNOW sweet! ;-)

    Celena--Yeah, email me, Babe!

  9. Oh my gosh, she is totally adorable!

    Love your blog!