Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How Powerful IS Doug Krile?

I'm not sure, but after a mere mention from him, my blog gained 160 votes in 2 hours' time last night, taking me from a 40-vote lead in the Best of the Blogs Awards to a 200-vote lead! The moral? Doug Krile hypnotizes people over the airwaves. View/Listen with caution! And thank you, Doug, for the help.

I've been reminded that the difference between first and second place in the popular vote accounts for a mere 2 percentage points in the overall score for Best New Blog, so the good folks at Sweet Juniper and Jurgen Nation , or really any of the rest of them, could very well still have it allllll over me when the judging is done, but I do want to thank you folks who voted, and hung in there until you were able to vote again. I never could do that, so I admire your perseverance. And if you've been able to vote more than once in a 24-hour period, well, cut it out. ;-)

Actually, check out all the're sure to find something you like. Not everything is for everybody, and I'm trying not to have hurt feelings when commentors on the other blogs (in support of their favorites, not intentionally being mean to me) say things like "Ninja Poodles is BORING," or compare me (horrors!) to the movie "Titanic." (That one's OK, BTW--commentor graciously retracted and was very sweet, and we are totally cool, but I did have a fit for a few minutes over the Titanic comparison. Come ON--I'm cool, like, um, "Fargo," right? If I was a movie, I would NEVER feature Leonardo diCaprio, I promise!)

So don't say anything negative about anyone else's blog just because you like mine, OK? I'm proud of my peeps for having resisted that urge so far. Just acknowledge to yourself that it's not for you personally. Remember what your Mama told you--"If you can't say something nice..." You know the rest.


  1. Firsties!

    Oh Belinda, we got your back here. And I would never bad mouth any other blogs. I did visit your competition and I keep my opinion to myself.

    See, regardless of what my co-workers may say, I do have manners. :)

  2. Hee! Well, I'm a fellow Arkansan and just had the pleasure of running into you through the BoBs and also found the Arkansas Blog Index through you. I consider myself pretty aware of what the internet has to offer, but I had no idea that was out there!

    Pleasure to "meet" you :)

  3. see, my problem is that most of the blogs i read, i like. so i vote for purely selfish reasons: i like you.

    good luck, i'm being careful to vote only once a day, and i'm voting every day.

  4. Oh, that's right, the 24 hours is past... be back again...

  5. So, can Doug put in a plug for me, too? I could use the votes. I'm really glad he boosted your votes. I want you to win more than I want to win myself. Weird, huh?

  6. If you can't say something nice...say something vague. That's my motto. And my blog name. ;)

  7. You know, it never crossed my mind to check out the other blogs. You've been so nice and your blogs been so .. how do I put this .. Madagascar .. that I never considered seeing what the competition was like. FYI, I love Madagascar.

  8. Love your site. My mom owns a ninja poodle of the small variety. You are my vote for best new blog at the BoB's!

  9. Wow, I've been blogged about. And in my defense, I had never seen Titanic but simply chose a movie that had major mass appeal. Not unlike Ninja Poodles. But I still take it back. :)

  10. WHO dared to compare YOU to Titanic??? Who are they, where are they...I'm going to beat them up!!!!

  11. Of all the many things Ninja Poodles might be accused of, "boring" is hardly one of them. ;)

    You have my vote! And in honor of your non-boringness, you've been tagged.

  12. Maidink--Thanks, Baby! And like I said, I don't think people would say things to be mean, but to support their homies, ya know?

    Hi, Angela! I'll be looking you up! I let all the Arkansas blog community that I knew of know I was a finalist, and I think that's where a LOT of my votes came from.

    Jennifer, the fact that you can tear yourself away from Andrew long enough to vote means SO much to me!!! ;-)

    Dan...hee. I think they may have disabled repeat voting now, because it was so messed up.

    Margalit, we'll have to pretend you're from Arkansas, because that was the "angle." I wanted you to win, too! You're in the top three, no? And Dave. I'm REALLY upset about the vote for Blogography. What is THAT about? Is there really a blog BETTER than Blogography?

    Stephanie, thanks for coming by--I'll be checking out your "vague" blogsite!

    krome--I'm totally going to start saying that. "I am so Madagascar, man." You're a doll for coming back day after day in spite of the scary poodles!!

    mrsrum--yet another new one I gotta check out. Thanks for commenting so I can "find" you!

    Stefanie--you know you're cool with me. But I think as penance you should HAVE to watch "Titanic." The whole grueling thing. THE PAIN!!!

    Melissa--no beatings, no beatings! She's a good gal, with an adorable baby and a good blog, and she's loyal to her sweet junipers, which is A-OK. She claims to have "3 readers," which cracks me up and is an obvious lie.

    Ariel--Arrrrgh, got me!

  13. My motto. If you can't say anything nice, take it back to your own darned blog; don't poop in other people's territory.

  14. Doug Krile mentioned you? How cool is that?

    I found the Arkansas Blog Index through you too. I sent an email asking to be placed on the index, but my blog may be a little bit too "blue" to be admitted.

    I'm going to go check out Angela now. Maybe we should get an Arkansas Bloggers webring going.