Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had their requisite heapin' helpin' of blackeyed peas to ensure a year of good fortune in 2006. Not this kind: But this kind, which goes much better with cornbread:

And may you be this much at peace and this content, and have this kind of luck when pushing the laws of gravity: Happy New Year, Everyone! I love you guys!!!


  1. According to Ellen (at the Reign of) you're supposed to have hog jowls with your black eyed peas. Yet another reason to live in Beantown. And I don't mean black eyed anything, I mean Boston Baked. Mmmmm. Happy New Year.

  2. Ah, me! California! No black-eyed peas and no collards for prosperity either. Looks like I'll have to write my own blog for another year.

    Love ya back! Happy New Year!

  3. Interesting, isn't it, how local custom differs? My own German family tradition is to eat pickled herring at the new year.

    My theory is that, whatever the storable food for the culture, if you had enough to feast on New Year's Day, you probably wouldn't starve to death before spring came.

    That, of course, is prosperity in much of the world.

    We are so lucky!

  4. Black-eyed peas, ick.

    How about I rub the cute poodle's tummy for good luck? Like Budda, only curlier.

  5. M--no hog jowls here, but a hunk of salt-pork or bacon. And I don't eat them. I like Boston baked OK, but barbecued are my fave. Best from McClard's, The Mean Pig, or my Mom!

    Doug--never a green has crossed these lips; not turnip, not collard, not mustard. There is poke-sallet as tall as your head growing on our place, and I can't believe people eat that, either!

    Sue--Hoooooraayyy for refrigeration!!!

    Pat--it probably works on hounds and rat-dogs, too.

  6. Happy New Year (I did not know that about black eyed peas, being good luck)!

  7. Do you get good luck in the New Year if you eat lots and lots of cookies and homemade Chex Mix? I hope so! Happy New Year and Love ya too!

  8. Black Eye Peas (the food) is nasty! Blech!