Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting To Know You...

...Getting to know allllll abouuuut you....

I realize I am getting LOTS of new people here, so I thought I'd make it a little easier than slogging through ALL the archives, for you to get a feel of who we are and what we're about. Over the next couple of days, I'll post some of these "oldies." Think of it as a "clip show." Fun, right? Sure it is. Anyway, these are from July and August, and I've grouped them loosely into categories.

Aluminum Underpants
Love = A Lump In My Bed
Alex: Some Pros And Cons Of You
Thanks For The Sympathies
Alex: All Pros, No Cons
In Which Much Poop Is Discussed At McDonald's
Driving Miss Belinda
Got Milk?
I Know Him So Well...It's Frightening
If I Had My Little Way...

I Needa Make You Happy!
Good Fortune
Uterme, Uteryou, Uterus
Google Straightjackets
The Great Pony-Getting Adventure: A Story In Pictures *

Not Isaac
Squatting Vermin
Half A Rat And Apology To A Cat
My Recurrent Goat Problem

The Panic, The Panic
Shrunk, And Failure To Communicate

Tweaking Your Crankbait
Don't Mess With Texas Dowagers

*The pony story is really one of my all-time favorites. It was quite a day!

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  1. I've already voted for you, wonderful blog, and I'm becoming more accustomed to the idea of poodles. This is a strange kind of free therapy .. *lol*

  2. Oh, pretty please repost the duracell formula while you're doing this.

  3. These are definitely some of your best! I still get choked up reading "THE BEST DOG". I hope voters from B.O.B. stay and read these, and then they'll love you as much as I do!

  4. Just had to cruise by and see who gets 261 votes and counting! Wow. I'll be lucky to get 70 in my category. Good luck in the final judging. You blog looks very entertaining. (PS How can I get some of your voters on my side? :)

  5. Hi Belinda:

    I have some 'pologizing to do and some crow to eat. I confess I didn't read your blog before I made my smarmy comments at Sweet Juniper---shame, shame. To show that I'm not a TOTAL asshole (only like 90%), I did go back and amend my comments to say that yours is nice. Perhaps I should have specified that this meant I took back the "LCD" comment, but I felt it was implied.

    I like your blog. Your writing is very, very good. The "aluminum underpants" made me LMAO. I was wrong in shooting off my mouth before I bothered to read. My mama taught me better than that. But I'm human, and I'm apologizing. I just saw my Junipers getting hammered and felt really, really bad for them.

    Good luck, and happy blogging.

  6. I like your blog.... are poodles as smart as they say?
    Also, I thought I was the only politically liberal Southern Baptist out there. What are your feelings on feminism?
    Good luck with the new house.

  7. You have the best titles ever.

    voted for you, oh, AGES ago, never fear.

  8. Stef--no worries...wann know what pushed my button? The reference to "TITANIC," which is just about my most hated movie of all time!! I told Alex, "I'm not Titanic--I'm, I'm...Raising Arizona!" and he said, "YEAH! American Beauty!"
    "The Usual Suspects!"
    "Requiem For A Dream!"
    It went on like this for some time.
    I love the Junipers, too, no hard feelings!

    Doug, I will repeat your request. I can refuse you nothing.

    Clio--Yaaaay! Another one! I keep telling people we're out there!

    Supa--keep voting, sistah!!

    Andrea (same name as my sister, so you're obviously awesome)--I'm checking you out!

  9. Belinda, o mighty poodle woman. If you don't win, then there is no justice, no God, and, probably, the world will run out of chocolate.