Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well, the bad news first. We lost the smallest of Gabby's pups during the night last night, a little boy. We don't know why, but sometimes Nature knows things that we don't, and that's a sad fact of breeding. The remaining three are fat and vigorous and doing well. At this point it looks like two silver boys and a blue girl, but it's still early to know the colors for sure.

Hope's three are doing great, and are so beautiful, with great, thick, curly coats. We will definitely have a hard time picking our "keeper" from that litter. They will be a month old this weekend!

I know I promised paint-blogging today, but we wound up going to doctors all day instead of painting! Tomorrow, I swear. Anyway, Alex went back in about the swelling in his lower legs and ankles, and the doc thinks it's due to the hypothyroidism, but they went ahead and did an ultrasound to check for clots anyway. Then we went to the psychiatrist (for me) looks like we are going to sloooooowly wean me off the Effexor, starting by cutting back to 75mg. I'll let you know if I go all finslippy. The doc did seem to think that Alex's hypothyroidism is likely caused by the lithium he's been on for a year--so he's to stop that cold turkey. Yikes! Hopefully his thyroid will self-correct after a bit, and his moods won't go all wonky in the process. He's been having great fun with me by pretending to go instantly insane during quiet times. Ha, ha.

Oh, and we tried to go refrigerator shopping, since we need one for the new house, and they're on sale at Sears. Did you know that Sears is horribly depressing? Well, the one we went to was, anyway. We left empty-handed. If anyone has any raves about their personal refrigerator experiences, now is the time to share. We're looking for something in a side-by-side, with brushed/satin stainless steel finish.
Finally, I have a new tenant for the next week. You can visit her by clicking the pretty pink thumbnail in my sidebar, top right. Since opening for bids this morning, I had 9 bids for the spot, which overwhelmed me a bit. I would ask those of you who bid to just keep coming back--I looked at all the blogs and they were all good! This week's guest, Mrs. Aginoth, was the first person who was kind enough to host MY blog as a tenant, and she's just lovely and entertaining, and oh, so British. Her blog is "The Musings of a Juggling Mother," which she writes from Somerset, England. She is smart, thoughtful, and witty, and today she made reference to a Samuel Beckett play, just in passing. That's the kind of gal she is. 'Nuff said. Plus, the color of her margins is the exact color I'm painting my kitchen cabinets. Please click through to see her--this window will remain open underneath. It's the neighborly thing to do!


  1. Belinda, as I was scrolling down reading your post, the picture immediately brought the tune, "Side By Side" to me. Recently, I had compiled a list (for my brother, Jesse) of tunes that our daddy sang to me when I was a little girl. Dad's been gone for 19 years and Jesse is trying to remember and/or learn as many of those old songs to sing as he plays his guitar (just like Dad). This song should have been on that list!
    Of course, to buy a side-by-side refrigerator, you NEED "barrel of money".
    Apologies to those readers who are too young to know the song. I hope I exposed you to it and many other wonderful old tunes, Belinda, as well as to "Funkier than a Mosquito's Tweeter" by Tina Turner. I want my children to be well-rounded!

  2. Belinda,

    What is going to happen to the other puppies?

  3. "Funkier Than A Mosquito's got a mouth like a herd of boll weevils...same old thing, you never change; ALWAYS talkin' 'bout the same old thing!!"
    This should be part of everyone's musical repertoire.

    Denise, most of them have homes promised already...we will hang onto Hope's two girls as long as possible before deciding which one to go on with in the show ring. Of Gabby's 3, we have a show home promised if one of the silver males is show quality, and we will decide later about the other girl and boy as to who to keep and who to place in a suitable pet home. If I can answer more specific questions for you, please feel free to email me at mishahouse at aol dot com.

  4. Aw, poor little critter.

    In our area anyway, Lowe's is a lot cheaper than Sears and has a better selection. We got our dishwasher there and also found the super-cheap, stainless steel cooktop there. But prices vary from region to region. There's also a factory scratch-and-dent place here in town that has pretty good deals.

    According to my husband's research, all the fancy brands like Wolf and Viking are overpriced and over-rated.

  5. I''m so sorry about the puppy. I know it's just what happens with breeding, but still... boo hoo.

    I love Mrs A and read her a lot. Good choice.

    As for fridges, I absolutely LOVE my kitchenaid. It's so easy to clean and it works beautifully with no cold spots (i hate cold spots). Mine isn't stainless (too hard to keep clean) but I'm absolutely thrilled with it even after 7 years.

  6. My gosh it sure sounds like you've been busy. Your dr. is smart to have you go off Effexor slowly. I think my discomforts were largely due to discontinuing Wellbutrin, not to the starting of Lexapro. I hope all goes well with Alex & the discontinuance of Lithium.
    I'm on my way to Mrs. A's!

  7. So sorry about the loss of the pup...

  8. Belinda-you are such the hostess with the mostest. HUGS