Wednesday, January 11, 2006


All-righty, then! Clear your brain of all extraneous information, and brace yourself, as I take a deep breath...

First of all, we've gotten some test results, and some answers to some questions regarding Alex's health. The main thing is, he does test as hypothyroid, and is starting on Synthroid today. Also, since his heart does appear enlarged per X-Ray, he's going to be having a followup echocardiogram. So keep the prayers coming. We're rather hoping/thinking that he just has a big heart, and that the thyroid thing has been causing his symptoms. He's also taking Lasix for the time being. I just want him to be well, and feel good, because I love, love, love him. Like crazy. Which, really, is how we do most things around here--like crazy.

Then...what do you get when you add this

CH Reggie

to this

CH Gabby

and wait 9 weeks? You get puppies. RIGHT NOW. 2 so far, a boy and a girl. I'm blogging in between contractions. At the time that we planned these breedings of Hope/Taylor and Gabby/Reggie so close together, we thought, "Oh, we can handle it. They have such small litters, and two together will only equal half a standard poodle litter..." Of course, we had no idea at that time that we'd be BUYING A NEW HOUSE when the puppies came! But we're not moving right away, so everything will be all right. Which brings me to my next point...

Our buyers' walk-through of the new house is happening in an hour and a half. That's right. Needless to say, I'll be doggie midwifing, which leaves Alex to go by himself. So I lose complaining rights over anything that gets missed by him. DANG. But really, he won't miss anything. He is Mr. Detail, thank Heavens. We close on Friday, and start painting on Saturday. Wheeee!

And, it's that time. Yaaaay. Go, endometriosis! Do your darnedest! Too many good things are happening right now for a punk like you to get me down. Plus, I have narcotics. Take that, stupid disease.

AND...drumroll...I am way psyched, and honored, to discover today that Ninja Poodles made the cut, and is a Top Ten Finalist in the Best of the Blogs Awards, in the "Best New Blog" category. I cried. I'm Sally Field at the Oscars. I'm an idiot. Anyway, so click on the logo and go vote for me as soon as voting is activated. It only counts as a small portion of the selection process, but it can't hurt, right? If I could even be in the Top So go now. Off with you. Also vote for Margalit's blog, "What Was I Thinking?" in the "Best Mommy Blog" category, and Dave's Blogography in the "Most Humorous Blog" category. Because I nominated them, and I said so!! 'K?

Puppy update later.


  1. Hope that Alex's heart is okay--and it's just big--like yours so obviously is

    And that you win for best new blog. Have a vested interest in that; when people talk about you, and they will I can casually say "oh of course Belinda is wonderful; I sorta discovered her." Not really but close enough;-)

  2. Hey--how DID You find me, BTW? You got lots of noms for Best Overall...I can't WAIT to see who the finalists are!

  3. Congrats on the new puppies, hope they are all fine. I will keep Alex in my prayers that all turns out fine with his heart. What a busy time you are having, but be strong, I'm sure you can handle it.

  4. I'm new here, but then again you're techinically new too, so I'm not that far behind, right?

    Congrats on your top 10 nomination!:)

  5. I'll pray for Alex. It will all be fine.

    More puppies?? Dang woman, it's like you raise them or something (kidding, I'm not that thick).

  6. You deserve the BOB award. I'll vote for you when the time comes... I already tried to, but apparently, all I did was comment on the nominees.

    I'll keep Alex in my prayers, and your gorgeous new puppies and their moms as well.

    Keep up the great blog - I'm addicted to it!

  7. I can't believe you have another set of puppies!! Sheesh!

    Praying for Alex! Congrats on the house stuff and the BOB nomination!

    Oh! My friend Jenny and I are starting a house cleaning business, so if you know anyone who's in the market send them my way!

  8. Thanks, Kim! I think the two litters are spaced apart just right so they won't be too much trouble! Loving your tracking notes, BTW!

    Janet, welcome! I just bookmarked your place to look at later--I LOVE the look of it! Wish I had something like that.

    Maidink--two litters at one time is not something we intend to repeat. It means we'll have two pups out showing at the same time, and that is really not the best idea financially!! Or that we make one wait, and keep it in massive coat, while the other one shows. Whew!

    Thanks, Erin--I thought that was how you voted, too, and they still haven't posted the overall finalists!

    Melissa--all right, now, it's only 7 puppies total, and we're keeping two of them! And I will SO come to you first for house help, Babe. After we close on Friday, make your mom take you and hubby out to dinner on the commission! Hee!

  9. Oh, I hope Alex will be ok! And my goodness, my MIL has two puppies right now and I thought THAT was crazy! And congratulations on the BOB finalist! I'll be voting for you for sure!!!

  10. Glad to hear they have been able to diagnose Alex, hopefully everything will turn out ok.

    Congrad's on the blog nomination - that is so cool! As Ms. Fields said "you like me, you really like me." We do : )

  11. congrats on that nomination! and am sending healthy thoughts for Alex.

  12. I too am Hypothyroid, and the Synthroid is awesome. He will feel better in a week.

  13. Thanks, Celena. 7 is not too bad. There are people on the poodle list announcing litters of 11 or more...yikes!

    VG--Yup, I feel just as dorky as Sally looked at the Oscars. I'm touched. And this time, I mean besides just in the head.

    Supa--here's to a new SUPAAHHH blog design for me in the new year, nudge, nudge!!!!

    Queen--thanks, I'll pass that along! I'm glad you stopped by.