Sunday, January 29, 2006

Design Challenge, Master Bedroom

22' x 15' bedroom. Two large windows with wood blinds on one wall. The challenge: Draw the eye away from the dark sage/pine green carpet that we can't afford to replace right now, while simultaneously complementing the bedding, etc. that you already own.If a spouse objects to color schemes or execution of design, sometimes it's best to just knock them unconscious at the very beginning.Besides, there are other assistants to be had. This one is apprently union.Also, my sister helped.Stop at this point, and prepare yourself for the simple joy of applying a "faux finish." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!! Whew! Sorry for the outburst. Let me just wipe the tears from my eyes...ahem. There now. Anyway, after 3 more days of sponging and rolling and "dabbing" and cutting in,wind up here, and curse the people who sold you on the idea of the fake stucco finish with a plague of frogs. Also, the people who make that instructional videotape? THEY LIE. Let my pain serve as a warning to you. If I can save one person from faux finishing, I have done well.


  1. You guys are so brave - with faux finishes and bold colors and such. We always go so plain jane because we're just chicken.

    I'm seriously considering an overhaul for the bathroom though (it's baby blue, baby blue tile, baby blue tub, baby blue sink - uck - and by the look of the wallpaper, it has been baby blue for a few decades...)

    Maybe I'll get brave.

    Yeah, probably not.

  2. I also am too chicken for faux finishes. I studied and practiced and studied some more and then ended up not doing it. But I do have a beautiful red kitchen so I'm not TOO chicken!

    Is that Mischa I see in the first horsie picture in the post below? *sniff, sniff* I miss him!!

  3. Um, hi Belinda, I love your blog and this is the first comment I have ever made-on any blog!-I chickened out during de-lurking week so here it is late, but thorough, since I got inspired to try blogging myself, and now have managed to write exactly ONE entry, LOL, using the same system as you do.
    I like the bedroom finish by the way- I have done those 'fast and easy'finishes too and then later you won't be able to bear to paint over it when you are repainting again- it is like your lifeblood there on the wall.......
    Hi to you, Alex, Bella and all of your four legged family members, and good luck with the move!

  4. My, that is a bright yellow. Very very sunny and cheery. (PLease note the dripping sarcasm). So, you've got a green carpet and REALLY BRIGHT YELLOW walls. You need to add a lot of red and green shades into the mix. I'd take down the wooden blinds and get some cabbage rose curtains with a lot of green foliage. Put in a lot of silk plants (very cheap at Micheals) and plenty of black accents. Red tends to draw the eye away from bright colors and warm up a room, and a lot of green will help tone down the YELLOW.

    I liked it better when it was pumpkin colored. I love that color. Oh well, too late now.

  5. Marg--my camera was dying during those pictures, but the final one is pretty true. It was never anywhere near pumpkin, just a pale, mousy yellow. Our coverlet for the bed has both the green and the gold (that's really the color, kind of a burnished gold like a little darker than a sunflower. We love it!) although the dominant color in it is a rust. And considering how much of the wall space will be covered when we're finished, I *think* the amount of brightness will be just right. If you hate that, you're gonna vomit when you see Bella's room! And get rid of custom wood blinds in favor of curtains? Heresy. ;-)

    Erin--do it. A bathroom is a great place to play with color. You can't go too wrong. Mine in this bedroom is going to be a deep rust/brick color. My entire last house was baby blue when I bought it. The WHOLE THING.Tile. Countertops. Walls. Carpet. And there were geese with ribbons around their necks on the wallpaper.

    Melissa, my kitchen will be red, too! A warm bricky red. And yes, that's our Misha...15 years old now, can you believe it? Looks like he's gonna give birth any day, too.

    gramma--thanks for coming by, and commenting! As Sheryl over at papernapkin says, "If you don't comment, the terrorists win." I'll be sure to stop by your new spot.

  6. Oh, I'm SO SORRY!! I should have warned you about those faux finishes!!

  7. Didn't you know the faux finish people are in with the baby-rearing book people? The same people who do faux finishes in the prescribed 15 minutes are the same people whose children go to sleep (and stay asleep!) in their own beds with no fussing.

    Which is why they are not our friends.

  8. The girl wants to know if she can come stay with you this weekend and take care of the horses.

  9. bella really looks wicked in that picture... like she's caught some of your walmart freak-out or turned in to a brain-eating zombie or something...

    seriously, she's so cute she makes me almost want to have one of my own...

  10. Celena--So it's YOUR fault, then? OK, got it.

    stefanie--those people are not only not our friends, THEY ARE LYING. That's the only way I can sleep at night (next to my toddler, of course).

    margalit--just the weekend? Please, send her for the summer. We have a baby pony coming and everything. Every horse needs a Girl. A grown woman is just not the same.

    jen--it's because she's always trying to stick her little hambone face into EVERY picture that is ever taken within 50 feet of her. And you're not gonna have a baby. What would be a more perfect expression of your perfect love for your perfect husband who loves you perfectly? Hee, hee. It'll getcha, don't worry.

  11. The girl gets out of school in late June. She'll arrive sometime in early July. School starts again in early September. I'll put a tag on her, like Paddington Bear, and she is ALL YOURS. Just don't ask her to do the dishes.

    I swear, she had tears in her eyes looking at those horse photos. She's just such a whore for a cute animal.

  12. When my mother suggested faux finish for my living room, I slapped her.


    I was looking for a dramatic change with as little effort as possible.

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