Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cold And Wet, Old And Achey, Hinky And Linky

OFF WE WENT Wal-Mart for miscellaneous supplies, then again to Sherwin-Williams for more paint. MORE PAINT! Wheeee! I can tell you, because you are my friend, and you won't say anything, that getting out of bed today HURT. We were moving like arthritic koala bears, but without the cuteness, or, sadly, the being stoned on eucalyptus leaves. And it was pouring rain. And just sooooo cold. So we made our stops, took turns getting out and getting drenched, compared aches, pains, vairous megrims, and the combined effects of starting/stopping our various drugs, and tacitly agreed to GO HOME. The old one. We just can't do it today. The crouching, the climbing, the stretching, the eye-strain, the inhalation of's just too much. So we're resting. That's right. RESTING. Got a problem with that? Alex is watching Denver/Pittsburgh, with the big Samoan knocking the crap out of those nice boys from Colorado, and I'm reading Southern Living, Oxford American, and bookmarks magazines...ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Bella's the smartest one of the bunch--she refused to even get out of her warm pajamas this morning, so she rode around warm and dry in the truck eating french fries and singing, and is now nestled snugly in Daddy's recliner in those same pajamas looking smugly superior. I think she earned it this time, too.

Can I just share with you a few blogs I have discovered of late? Actually, I'm gonna, so forget I asked that. There will be more later, most likely, and I will be changing up my blogroll, but here are just a few of the ones you may not have noticed, and should:

Jurgen Nation--my favorite from my own category in the BoB awards. AND a professional photographer. Spend some of your money with her. I DID. I'll show you the pieces after they're framed and hung. Who knows, you may choose some of the same ones.

colouring outside the lines--OK, you can tell by the way she spells "color" that Andrea is Canadian. So based on past blog - related experience, I already love her. Great blog, and oh, my, she's an engaging artist. Spend some of your money with her, too. Again, I DID! Not telling which piece yet, but you're welcome to poke around on her gallery site and guess.

Genuine!--Not the horse, all you Arkansas Arabian Horse Club members. This one is an official Hot Dad. Trust me, you will LOVE him.

Paper Napkin--Is it possible that you don't read Sheryl daily? Whatever this year's biggest blog award is, she should win it.

Vesper's Escape--Not only is she smart, quick-witted, and poetic, but she's gosh-darned adorable, and has the most awesome haircut that I will be taking pictures of to my stylist. And instead of just a Creative Commons license? Her site says, "May you burn in h**l if you copy my writing." Deserves much attention.

ONE-MAN BANDWIDTH--You just have to go, and see for yourself. I could write a whole post extolling the virtues of this amazing site of an American professor teaching in China, but really, you MUST see it.

Mommymatic--Cute, funny, smart, deserves hundreds more readers. She claims to have only three readers, but I know she's lying because there are always more comments than that. How do I already know she's quality? Two of her favorite books--To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, AND A Prayer For Owen Meany, my favorite of many dearly-loved John Irving books. And obviously, anyone who agrees with me on something so important as literature MUST be cool, right? RIGHT? Yeah.

And just while I'm sitting here watching it rain: Gretchen, PLEASE push out Baby Fireball! What are you trying to prove, Ms. Week 41???

And, for you techno-geeks: I dropped my Sony digital camcorder/camera, and now the flash won't work. Send it back to Sony, or try for local repair?

And one last thing, since I missed it last week: DELURK! DELURK! DELURK! Come on and comment, ya big pansies.


  1. Oh, wow! Thank you! I've never had anyone help me "advertise" before! You ROCK! :)

    (And thanks for the kind comment, too.)

  2. I calls 'em like I sees 'em. I'm still trying to decide on groupings. Good stuff, blogwise and camera-wise!

  3. Ha ha, you wish you were Canadian.. hee hee..

    Actually, in all honesty, I think one of the best things that has come out of my experience with blogging is that I've met quite a few decent Americans (that don't like Bush), and I can now see that not all Americans are E-VIL.

  4. I'm a sort of lurker, and new here. I think I made a comment before, maybe not. Either way hello!

  5. oh I wish I was like Bella today, curled up on the sofa in my pj's, instead of venturing out in the cold rainy weather sitting at my work desk. Ugh.

  6. Hi! Just delurking. Pia sent me first time, now I drop by occasionally. OK now I should get back to work.

  7. You are a sweetheart, Belinda, for doing some blogger-tising for me! :) Got any pups or yearlings I can plug on my blog? Seriously, though, thank you for the kind words. Looking forward to more painting photos!

  8. Eucalyptus leaves make you high? Well, you learn something new everyday. Too bad there's so many toxins in them. Hey! Thanks for the shout out, mwah!

  9. Hi Belinda! I'm new. I like ninjas and poodles. Let's be friends.

  10. belinda! the registration site for Blogher is now live. Rates and whatnot, to give you a better idea of cost.

    Oh, and hi! This shall count as my delurking.

  11. Soo I've done a rough calculation and if 10% of your total readers actually DO visit my site, my readership will QUAD-FREAKING-DRUPLE. Aaaaawesome.

    To say you rock is like saying Bella is cute. Or that Bush is a little slow on the uptake. Gross misunderstatement either way.

  12. Hi, I found you a couple of days through BoB. And what should trickle to my inbox today but: item # 5464366113 Baby Gap 2T Smocked POODLE Dress w/ Matching Hat.
    I don't know what size Bella wears, but if she is still in a 2T BabyGapwise, this would be so cute on her!
    come check out my blog, stay at home mom going quickly insane, at
    and comment!

  13. Back atcha, Busymom!!

    Celena--I do! Actually, I love being American, I love being Southern, and I love being Arkansas. What I truly desire is some sort of wrinkle in the space/time continuum that puts all my wonderful Canadian friends within 10 miles of me. Get on that, wouldja?

    GG-Welcome! If you're actually goofy, you'll fit RIGHT in.

    VG--When I can get the picture posted, you'll really be green with envy. Remember when you could sleep anywhere, in any position, and not wake up full of criks and pains?

    Hi, Bonnie--I'll be visiting everyone myself as soon as we get moved. Welcome!

    Andrea--the pups never need any help, as they pretty much fly outta here, spoken for before they're born, mostly. But I do have some horses that I would give away to good homes, rather than sell them to strangers, because while we're gaining house-space, we're losing acreage, and there isn't going to be room for everyone. for artwork exchange, perhaps???? ;-)

    Sheryl, why do you think they look so dopey all the time? That's all they eat! ;-) (Did y'all see that? I just totally got a Paper Napkin COMMENT. I'll never wash this page again.)

    hanni--you got it! I don't know how to type an umlaaut, but I'll be your friend!

    Supa--I shall check it out, and cross my fingers!

    Stef--totally making me laugh, you nutball. (word I learned from JenB--isn't the internet wonderful?)

    blueshi--I will visit! May be a few days, since our home connection is off, but I will! Bella's mostly in 3-4 stuff now, but she TOTALLY had that dress and hat! LOVED it!

  14. What eloquent kindness...

    Thank you...

    I still chuckle every time I hear your great blog name...just wonderful...all of it...

    Good thoughts from the Middle Kingdom...


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