Wednesday, January 04, 2006

By Popular Demand, Puppy Update and Name Game!

Here they are, all in a sweet little pile!
Remember this shot from Christmas Day, of this little girl in Alex's palm? She was one day old then.
Here is that same puppy today, again in Alex's hand, at 10 days old. They grow up so fast!
We are entertaining ideas for names and themes. Two girls and a boy, born on Christmas Eve (their mother was born on Christmas Day). Our kennel prefix is "Impulse." Dam is Champion Renaissance Creative Impulse, and sire is Champion Rembrandt Tales of Glory CD AX AXJ. Dam's call-name is "Hope," and sire's call-name is "Taylor."
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  1. Belinda i have no idea what you mean by "tenant". I keep wondering if she is moving into a suite in your new house. Plus, when i clicked on the link it only went to a banner, no blog.

    Very confused - that's my puppy name!

  2. I can't think of a particular name - but google the Christmas Revels which is a program of medieval Christmas music (started in Boston and is now elsewhere in the country) - maybe a song title might work.

    (My favorite of there's is the Lord of the Dance.)

  3. Oh my gosh, they are adorable!! Reminds me of the time I worked at a vet office and helped with a dog c-section. The lil' pups were enclosed in a sausage-like uterus. I was able to rub the pups (after their removal) in order to encourage their yelping and breathing.

  4. This is actually really funny. I am deathly afraid of poodles. No, not dogs, just Poodles. I was attacked by one when I was 6 and have recurring nightmares, even at 24. I've been known to claw my way over people to get away from them. What's funny about this? Other than the obvious joke of Poodlephobia. The funny side is that on one had I want to spend time hear because this is such an amazing blog, but on the other hand I'm freaking out about the poodles .. LOL .. I can feel my anxiety rising simply by looking at a picture of a Poodle .. now thats funny .. hopefully this gives someone else a good laugh too ..

  5. My dad was a K-9 cop for so long that all of our dogs had short names like Thor and Sam in order to make commands short and simple to say.

    Damn AKC and their papers!

  6. How about "shopping impulse" or "impulse shopping"? ;-)

    Other ideas: Noelle, Rudolph

    Adorable pups - I want one! (MT would kill me..)

  7. krome, maybe by viewing this site and watching the poodle puppies grow, that will help you get over your fear. I'm sure Belinda will have lots of photos as the puppies grow and as you see them mature and how CUTE they are, you will feel less anxious. I certainly hope so.


    My maternal instincts are fried. The only time I get all girly and such is at the sight of baby animals.

    So, freeking cute!

    Our dogs tend to get mythology names or something from a novel. Cyan Bloodbane. Khronos. My mom's dog is Alexis, which is kinda cute.

    I hate doggie names like "Spot," "Blacky," or "Bear." A member of the family deserves better.

    Of course, I imagine the pups will get something lofty cuz they're purebreds, no?

  9. I had no idea that they came that small!

  10. Pat--HaHA!! "Lofty." Here are the registered names of our last litter:
    "Impulse Myriad Hot Wheels", call name "Danica," or "Dani." Lives in Memphis.

    "Impulse Shhhh I'm In Disguise," call-name "Spy." Lives in Alabama.

    And the one we kept to show? Named after Jermain Taylor, the world middleweight boxing champion who is from here: "Impulse Bad Intentions," call-name "J.T."

    The call-names (which is all that really matters, what you use around the house) of our current crew: Delta, Reggie, Jacy, Hope, Gabby, J.T., and Pearl.

    My horses always have "people" names, too: Misha, 'Chet, Rosa, Ana, Victor, Eugene, Kate, and one as-yet unnamed colt. "Magic," the pony, was already named when we got her, and Bella seemed to like that.

  11. Schmutzie--thanks for stopping by! (everyone go read her blog now, if you never have. it's linked in my sidebar under Miss Domestic)

    They come even smaller, but I don't do Toys. I like the minis--they're a good, substantial beagle-sized dog, sturdy enough not to break easily and small enough to be very portable!

  12. Laurie, I really like the 'impulse shopping' idea. Keep going with that--what call-name would tie in with that? (It doesn't have to, but it's cute when it does--like our "Gabby" is registered as "Aery Silde Straight Talk."

  13. What about using Impulse holiday shopping, call name holly?

  14. I want to bury my face in that little pup's fur, it looks so soft!

    I love Christmas music, so here's some puppy name ideas:

    Impulse Silver Bells In the City-call name Bell (or Belle)

    Impulse Holly Jolly Christmas-call name Holly (or Jolly!)