Saturday, January 28, 2006

Blustery Day Horse Blogging

Just a few random shots of the equine members of the family from today, right before the rains came.Chow time for the herd bosses and their proteges. Note the very pregnant Shetland pony in the background, and the OCD poodle behind that.Our beautiful Kate, who really is very lucky that she is stunningly gorgeous. Really.And this, I just love. It's a May/December romance; he's 25, she's 4, he had a baby with her momma last year, but somehow they make it work.

And I just have to share my favorite horse-related story of at least the last year: One of my best friends was visiting the other day, and I hadn't seen her in a long time. We were catching up on horse-show stuff, since I've been largely out of that loop for a while. We've been Arabian and Half-Arabian enthusiasts for a long, long time. My friend, who, like myself, tends toward the zaftig, was telling me how a local trainer/judge had told her that she should lose a little weight because in the show ring, she "looked too big for her horse."

She said, "And you know, I thought about that. I thought about all the times I'd lost weight, and wound up weighing about the same thing again, and how this seems to be where my body is comfortable, and that my husband likes me this way...and you know what? I said, 'All right, so I'm too big for my horse.' (pause) And so, I bought a bigger horse!" (showing me a picture of herself aboard a gorgeous Half-Arabian bucksin) "I look pretty good on that one, don't I?"

I have not yet stopped laughing and appreciating this particular beautiful woman's response to just one more societal demand upon women to conform to a narrow definition of "beauty." Brava. You know who you are!


  1. Wow, those are great pictures. You have beautiful horses! That May/Dec romance is funny and to think that he'd be in prison now if he was human :)`

  2. Thanks for the glimpse of your equine family. There's that pretty grey mare I like so much!

  3. Kate is really beautiful! And the May/December romance pair-awww.

    I love your friend's attitude towards her body. I also have a weight that my body seems to settle on, no matter how hard I try. Good for her to not let that judge make her feel bad.

  4. Good, Good, GOOD for your friend! I wish more women, of all ages, had the same good sense.

    The horses are gorgeous, one and all. Did you say you're selling some when you move? How can you possibly choose which to keep?

  5. Beautiful horses, but then Arabians are just plain gorgeous anyway. They do have alot of intelligence. My guy is an App/Arab and the Arab definitely shows up in our training.

    If you are still planning to sell some of your horses let me know. My sister and I might be interested.

  6. mrsrum--in horse years, it really isn't so scandalous. Just rather sweet!

    andrea--she's a special favorite of mine, too. I do love a black-pointed grey. Her son is the same.

    Elizabeth--you would love my friend. She's totally cool. I have two good girlfriends, and they are both just the bomb.

    jensgrandma--it is difficult and painful, especially when the ones who will most likely be going were all home-bred. Misha and Montrachet stay for life, no question about that. It's not even up for discussion. Other than that, we're not really sure, except that Bella's pony stays, and almost surely my grey mare, who I bred and is a daughter of Montrachet's.

    Kim--way to set yourself up. You'll be hearing from me. Run and hide if you know what's good for you.

  7. That really is a great story & kudos to her!
    Gosh those are beautiful horses. Kate is adorable & the 2 horses in love, awwww.