Monday, January 30, 2006

The Best Excuse Yet

Alex and I have an agreement, that has gone a long way toward improving our financial situation since we started doing it, of always consulting each other on any expenditure of over $50 on any single item. It does help your budget when the left-hander knows what the right-hander is doing. Anyway, when he went to Sears to buy our new refrigerator (and nothing irks me financially like a big expense that is not budgeted, but can't be helped...grrrr), he came home with a brand-new, big ol' leafblower in the truck.

Now, this is something we definitely need out here, so I wasn't going to give him a hard time about it, but of course I had to tease him a little.

"Um, I don't remember approving the purchase of a lawn-maintenance appliance."

"Honey, it was coming right at me."

God, I love him.

And not to nag, but if you're not clicking through to check out Jane over in the "rent my blog" space (and a mere 10% of you are--I'm watching!), you are really missing out. She's only got a couple of days left here; help me make them good ones, OK?


  1. Luckily Rob doesn't feel the need to regulate my purchases, cause if he did I'd STAY in trouble.

    If you get a chance, check out my page(\lisserdawn)'s having a fit over my post cause it made her cry.

  2. See, I think it's so sweet that your guy is all manly and into the lawn!!

    My Boy can't even change a lightbulb..I wish he could fix things and be all manly with machinery!!

  3. i have to blow bear for large purchases. ah, the plight of the non-paid stay at home mom...

    how old is bella? man o man is she ever adorable!

  4. I have found, mostly with my stepdad Ron, that in Sears and any other hardwareesque store it is hard for guys to control themselves. They go into a coma, transe like state and I think that the machinery ACTUALLY speaks to them

  5. Honey, it was coming right at me."

    lol. that sounds exactly like what my husband would say.

    there's always a "rational" explanation in his mind for buying such things.

  6. i just re read my comment above and somehow referred to men as though I am not one of them. Well, I am one of them but lets just say that a pair of shoes does what the leaf blower did to Alex

  7. One night, BC put on his coat and said he was going to Best Buy to get us a new color printer. He assured me he could get one for around $100.00. When the debit cleared he had spent $250.00. I asked him what happened and he said "I had a moment of weakness, honey." I hope to be able to use that same excuse on him someday, perhaps after the purchase of a Coach handbag.

  8. We are officially on a budget since buying the truck and trailer. No big purchases, decreasing the # of times we go out to eat, and and cutting out unnecessary expenses such as Rotary Club, magazines we don't read etc etc. But, sometimes stuff does just come right at you....for me, it is mostly adorable clothes for my daugther. She's got to be hip, right?