Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today's Fortune

According to Isabella, due to her distress at Popsicles being absent from New China's Buffet: (tearfully) "It says I am very sad!"
A variation on the previous fortune cookie.


  1. Aww get that girl a popsicle already!

  2. I'm sure that management heard her "suggestion," and are taking it under consideration. ;-)

  3. I think Bella probably reads those things better than I do.

  4. I know who to call when the no-popsicle-tragedy begins. Someone who thinks it's "great!" Hee, hee.

    Aw, Doug, we're all revisionists at heart, aren't we?

  5. Tell Bella that not only do we not have POPSICLES at the local Chinese joint, but that it doesn't even partly compare to New China, and I am seriously missing the umpteen different kinds of good shrimp, the savory egg rolls, and most of all, the spicy chicken dishes! Boo hoo for me!

    (suffering serious chinese food withdrawal...only once in 3 weeks!)