Friday, December 02, 2005

Spousal Genius Sports Commentary

"Man, I hope Jermain just knocks Hopkins OUT!"

"You said that last time. It's not gonna happen. He's gonna have to work for it."

"I know, I know. Bernard is just a...a THUG. But he's a tough thug."

"Whoa--wait, wait, wait. Isn't "tough" pretty much part of the definition of "thug?"

"No, you can be a thug without being tough."

"Now, how is THAT possible?"

"Oh, never mind."

"Nope, you're not gettin' outta this one. How can a thug NOT be tough?"

"Okay, okay. You could be the kind of guy who'd pick a bunch of fights, but lose them all."

"Well, no...that would just make you a PUNK. Right?

"Yes, you'd be a punk. Well, anyway, Bernard is a thug, and he's a TOUGH thug!"

"So, does that make him a THUPERTHUG?"


With all due apologies, and our best wishes to our hometown boy, Jermain Taylor. Make hash out of Hopkins tomorrow, m'boy. We'll be watching.


  1. You said it, Baby! We are, uh, mildly stoked, you could say. And OUR "J.T." just turned 6 months old and is now eligible to show. Perfect timing!!

  2. He did it Belinda! And he's bring the belt back to Arkansas! Wooo Hoo!

    Oh, did you happen to see "dirty south" on his trunks! That cracked me up! LOL!