Friday, December 09, 2005

Spoke Too Soon

When these arrived, I asked Bella, "Did you see Mommy's flowers?"

She replied, "Yes, they are pretty. You are very married."

"What?" (laughing) "I am? Yeah, I sure am!"

"Yes. You should be married, to Daddy."


(considering) "Yes. Daddy is very like a prince*, and you should be married to him in a big pretty dress."

"Thank you. I'll take that into consideration."

*I have no evidence that she's been reading and deconstructing Melville's Moby Dick, but the phrase "very like a prince" gives me a happy feeling inside.


  1. I would take it as empirical evidence that Bella is reading and deconstructing "Moby Dick"

    Have to say that everytime I come here I read your things about me. Not being able to operate an electric can opener is my favorite thing about me in any blog. Love it! It's so falliable

  2. It's not hyperbole. I CAN NOT work them. I have to use the manual ones! Alex will saunter over and do it on one try after I've been trying, and trying, and yelling at the thing, and just roll his eyes at me.

  3. Congrad's - those flowers are lovely and Bella's comments are so sweet!