Thursday, December 29, 2005

Snips And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails

We just took the babies' dewclaws off, and the tips of their sweet little's way more traumatic on me than it is them, thank goodness. But then Bella was wanting us to trim her tail; However, when Daddy came at her with the hemostats, she recanted.

I'm still having computer issues, so hope you all understand why my blog visits have dropped off--I still love you all, really I do!! I hope to have my Christmas report up by tomorrow, because it really was quite a time. I've also been involved in this project (and you just thought poodle people were nuts).

Alex's mom, bless her heart, had to stay in the hospital a couple of days last week, so Alex took Bella (I was forbidden due to possible contagion from me) up to surprise her. She had forbidden anyone to visit once she got home, and quite sternly. This, of course, had less than zero effect on MY husband. He took Bella, stood her on his Mom's porch holding a gift in her hands, then hid around the corner and called her on his cell phone to tell her that UPS had delivered a perishable she opened the door to Bella yelling, "Merry Christmas to you Grandmommy Lynette!!" I think it went over well.

So in the meantime, there are some new photos up on my flickr pages, and here is a shot of my beautiful sister's beautiful boy, and my own beautiful girl--hey, if they don't look like Andrea and me, at least they look like each other!: And I wish you this kind of sheer, exuberant JOY (Delta on Christmas Day): Oh, and flickr questions: How do I get contacts, and how do I know when people have commented on a picture?


  1. Sparky' dew claws are always so sharp compared to the rest of them. Why is that? You sound like more of a dog expert than I am so that would be an interesting tidbit. Looking forward to the Christmas post. Peace and grace.

  2. Re: Flickr everytime click on "" and then "home" and it will show you if you have new comments. If you wanna add omeone click on their profile and then "add as a contact" it's a little confusing. But you can get it!

    happy holidays.

  3. Those two kids are so cute - just a great picture of Americana.

    Your nephew is going to be really good-looking when he grows up, couple that with Bella being drop-dead gorgeous (and a wicked sense of humor), they are going to be those kids in the high school year book that I looked upon with envy - the pretty people. They have "cool" written all over them.

    Have a happy New Year!

  4. Okay, I just made you a flickr contact. I clicked on the people link at the top of the page and searched for your name, ninjapoodles. Then I clicked on the link to add you as a contact.


  5. I'd probably do the "stick the kid on the porch" thing, too. Who could resist that face bearing gifts??

    I know I couldn't.

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG! Just scrolled down and saw the tiny puppy picture. SQUEEE!

    Anyway, I hope Alex's mum is feeling better soon.

  7. Digi--Sparky's dewclaws never touch the floor, so don't get worn down with wear like the others. Be sure to keep them trimmed!

    jess & maidink--thanks for the flickr tips. It's still confoozing to me.

    VG--I think they stand an equal chance at being the weird smart kids...but they are pretty, aren't they?

    Thanks, Pat--she's doing much better now. And I will send virtual puppy-breath your way!

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