Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh, The Bloggy Goodness!

It was a crummy day, because I have the galloping gump in my sinuses, and I am OUT of Effexor (Alice, help!!), but then some things happened--or rather I took note of them:

I don't know when it happened, but I've been linked by Her Royal Sweetness. Seriously. I'm apoplectic. I thought being so honored by JenB was the end-all; But no--there's more! Then came Laurie, and NotCalm, and Supa, and Doug, and Dave2, and Jess, and Ariel, and just... Wow! The love! I would so love to hang out with all these folks and so many more, you have no idea. Thank you all for thinking enough of me to come and visit...and anyone who does. It takes me a week to work through my Bloglines roll as it is, so I know what that means.

And speaking of sweetney, when I went to check out her rockin' Top Ten status according to Technorati on "blogs about Motherhood, ranked by authority" (don'tcha love that last part? My mother is reading this and laughing her ever-loving hindmost parts off right now), THERE I AM, with a toenail's hold on the #20 spot! Woo-hoo! Look quick, because it's bound to change in the next few hours. *

And sweet souls have nominated me for BOB Awards in the "Best New Blog" (ghost of a chance?) and "Best Mommy Blog" (FAT chance; We ALL be voting for Alice) categories.

And on the subject of Motherhood (yes, I capitalize it, dang it), if anyone has a line on any black-market laudanum or paregoric from Granny's cupboard, I will pay you dearly for it if you rush shipment. Just kidding. (Really not kidding. [makes phone-hand gesture] Call me.)

*Oh, and according to Technorati? Mine is THE Blog Authority on POODLES. Read it and weep.


  1. you deserve those nommies, dammit! hope you feel better soon, lovey.

  2. Yeah, feel better. I linked to you awhile back. I see it as stealing credibility.

  3. you deserve the linkage and whatnot. you have a good blog here. you write well and you are passionate. the poodle stuff, well, we just tolerate it because we love you.

  4. I refuse to read and weep.

    Clap perhaps?

  5. Congrats on your nominations and I'm so glad I know where to consult about poodles now!

  6. Jen--You love me, you really love me!!!

    Hey, did y'all see that? BusyMom is the NUMBER ONE authority on Motherhood!!! Whoooo! Speaking to ME!!

    I think I may have a bit of a fever today.