Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No, But It Smells Bumpy

Referring to a patch of skin that he couldn't quite crane his neck around enough to see on his own, my husband just asked me, "Does it look itchy?"


  1. Does it LOOK itchy?

    What kind of a question is that?

    Did you ask him if it FEELS itchy?

    Living with your hubby must be surreal sometimes ;-)

  2. "No, but it feels bumpy." ROFLMAO If you two were a comedy team, I'd come see the show.

  3. Laurie, THANK YOU. And it is. What do you think they'd do in the ER if someone came in and said, "Hey, Doc, does this look itchy?"

    And Dan, you dork, you said it correctly. You can FEEL "bumpy." But you can't smell it, any more than you can "see" an itch...on someone ELSE, no less!