Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Mom IS The Spirit of Christmas

Witness. We took some pictures the night of the office Christmas party, which she hosted at her home.We didn't even make it inside before we were shamed. And Mom is going to have my hide for this next one, but:
I IS a pair, so lends itself to the obvious cheap joke. When your balls are this size, they should be on display, right?Come in, and be greeted by DeNiro Santa. "You lookin'at me?" He's only the first of many, I assure you. There is a "more than equal-time" policy for Jesus, though, as the many Nativity scenes are given prominence over everything else.She had the dining room looking gorgeous;Alex and I hardly ever get to eat in there. I can't imagine why. Come on around into the kitchen now, and greet our hostess;Cheerily stirring the sauce for the bread pudding. Seriously, folks--how does she look younger than I do, and from whence cometh this energy?MMmmmmmm....the Super-Delicious Potatoes of Death. Sure, they'll kill you with saturated fat, but you won't care.This was table #2, in the kitchen dining area...Alex and I don't get to sit there, either.Santas are everywhere--resistance is futile.He sees you eyin' those pies.Don't try slipping out the back door, either.What, thought you'd get some Santa-sanctuary in the guest bathroom? The ho-ho-ho's on you, Bub!This is the centerpiece from the 4x4' "kids' table" where Alex and I sit on such occasions and plot pranks to play on the grownups.I'm assuming Mom picked this tree because they didn't have any BIG ones. Ha!

"But Belinda," you insist, "Surely you, being the queen of Southern Living that you are, have equally fabulous decorations adorning your home? The one you're about to move out of?" Well, since you asked...Um, in my kitchen? There's this festive poodle hair-dryer. I'm considering adding some fake snow or tinsel.

The full photo set is up on flickr .


  1. OK, Belinda. You make it sound as if you have NEVER eaten in the dining room. NOT TRUE, Folks. We have hosted 3 office parties in our home. Seating is always first come, first served. I tell everyone to sit anywhere they please, usually having two tables for 8 and one or two tables for 4. Belinda and Alex are very sweet to let the "non-related" employees pick their seats first. My newest employee and her husband were at the small table (their first office Christmas party) and B & A graciously joined them to make them feel welcome. I promise that on Christmas day, I will see to it that Belinda and Alex are given a place of prominence at "the grownups' table" in the dining room.
    Belinda, thanks for the pictorial! (No picture of the fireplace?)

  2. Your mother is Superwoman. As I scrolled through the pictures and your descriptions, I kept thinking that Martha Stewart clearly has met her match.

    The only difference is your Mom seems waaaaay nicer than the ex-con.

    Please send her my best. She sounds like a lovely lady.

  3. wonderful pictures! thanks for sharing!

    dropped by from michele's

  4. You're mom is just TOO cute. She sure does look young, too!

    What a sweetie!

  5. Mom--more pics at the flickr link. Check it out!

  6. WOW. What can I say? The Santa Toilet Seat Cover just killed me. I've never seen anything like this before. Where on earth does she GET all this stuff? Is there like a Santa Store where you buy DeNiro Santas? Have I been missing out on something too excellent to be believed?

    Oh, and dahlink, your flicker thing is doing something weird to your site. For some reason, it's made a huge empty rectangle the entire length of your blog. I am still waiting for permission to go in and clean up your html. Any time...

  7. Everything was beautiful. Your mom really is the spirit of Christmas, but she looks so young. How old could you be??? Visiting via Michele's tonight and I enjoyed it.

  8. Her house looks gorgeous!!

  9. Your Mom is a trip...! How long does it take her to get everything out and put it where she wants it? DAYS??? Amazing! Truly!
    People must realkly enjoy coming to her house on Christmas because it's like a wonderful show....!

    I'm here from Michele tonight and so glad I came!

  10. Wow, that's intense! But you know what? She overdecorated without being tacky, so good for her!

  11. Yeah, the house is very "roomy" inside, so none of these things are packed in close together, if you know what I mean. It is VERY tasteful, even if I am not a fan of the big scary Santas, and I hope my mom will help me decorate the new house!

  12. Great pics!

    Here via Michele.

  13. a beautiful house, belinda. your mom is some kinda gal. but when christmas is over, is her house, like, empty?

  14. Empti"er", but just perfect. She has done some remodeling lately and has it looking like my dream home! And she is being good enough to give us some furniture that she will be replacing, so that our move won't have us in a totally empty house!

  15. Hey...Thats a really good Rapid Electric Speedy Dryer! You could drape some tinsel and ornaments on it, and put a tree skirt on the rolling stand.

    Don't make fun of Friggin' Poodle People's decorations. Have you seen my Hot Pink Poodle Christmas Tree yet?


  16. No, but if you send me a pic, I will absolutely post it here!

  17. I love the bathroom seat cover - hilarious!

    You never said where you and Alex get to sit? Were you relugated (sp) to some back table, near the garage?

    PS - your mom looks great!

  18. Beautiful! Your mom does look young.

    Mark's uncle's house gets all decked out like that, but with no children around his SO has lots of time to decorate and collect knicknacks.

    Don't feel bad, I haven't even dug out our 1 small box of Hannuka stuff yet.

    New house? Did you find one yet?

  19. Fantastic! Wow! I'm scared of your mom. My neighbor and I just blessed each other for being lazy decorators in a neighborhood full of, well, Christmas palms?

  20. Day-yum. I am humbled by your mum's Christmas spirit. Even the toilet seat! Wow!

  21. Dang... glad she's not my mom, I'd have an inferiority complex for life!

    Her house looks absolutely gorgeous, I love the porch!

    What's in those taters?

  22. Ugh! Now I'm feeling like the lazy mother of a six-year-old with no Christmas spirit!!! All we have this year is a tree!! I LOVE your mom's house and decorations! Absolutely beautiful!

  23. Hmmm...just read what I wrote, and it sounds like I'm saying my six-year-old has no Christmas old English teachers would not be very proud of me! I did get the lazy mother part right, though!

  24. Beeeeeeeeeeautiful Christmas decoration!!
    You have a GREAT mom :))
    I'll definitely bookmark your blog...

    Congratulations for a nice Christmas and family spirit and greetings from Portugal!

  25. VG--see Mom's reply at top, and the 3rd pic from the bottom. And yes, it is near the garage!! ;-)

    leslie--yeah, new house! I need to post about it to the list! Or there are some details on this site, if you search under "done deal" and "gone plumb crazy."

    Doug--she's not scary, but you sure don't wanna get in her way when she's on a mission.

    Pat--the joke about the toilet-seat cover was that it was too "puffy" for the lid to stay you had to be pretty nimble to use that bathroom.

    laurie--I DO. Gives me something to shoot for. Maybe by the time I'M 60.

    lisa--I knew what you meant, and then laughed with you! We don't even have a tree up. I just couldn't bring myself to do it at the same time I'm trying to clear stuff OUT of here!

    Titania--thank you! I'm off to visit your site now!

  26. What a beautiful house.

  27. Omigosh, that is amazing!!

    I really like the Santa toilet seat cover.

  28. wow.

    can she come here & do our house next year please??? xxx