Monday, December 05, 2005

More "Lost" Than We Knew

I'm trying not to be snarky. Michelle Rodriquez is a woman with a problem, it appears. I am sympathetic to that, and hope she gets the help she needs. But that Ana Lucia character...I'm wondering if this will be the end of her, Michelle having broken her probation with this "third strike" DUI. I vote for some living, organic creature to eat her quickly and suddenly, and the for everyone else to just finish dinner or whatever they were doing, without much more comment than, "Huh. Y'don't see that every day." Click the picture to see the "Smoking Gun" story on both "Lost" gals and their misbehavior.


  1. precisely why i don't much...anymore....

    at 27 i still looked hott when toasted, at 37 - not so much ;)

    why oh why will celebrities never learn? does fame make you stupid??!!

  2. You know what bugs me about this girl - she has this great job, a job thousands would kill for her. In my eyes she has a great life, and yet she has to go and do something stupid like this...why do these kind of people continue to get breaks in life and those of us who play by the rules just keep getting dumped on??!!

  3. by the looks of those eyes, they were smokin' some good "Maui Wowee"..

  4. Belinda, I love your sense of humor.

  5. always following Doug it seems, and follow in his sentiment

    had a much more clever comment but it didn't take. Bad Blogger bad

  6. Heh. Well, one can hope that this would be the beginning of the end for Anna-Lucia. As for blond-woman character, she hasn't done enough to make me care one way or the other. Interesting that they both got busted in the same week. Must be something in the air.

    Ditto on the "celebs blowing a good thing" sentiment. I mean, honestly, you've got a cool job that pays well and you spend all your money getting loaded? Bleh. Sorry, no sympathy.

  7. When I first saw that mugshot I couldn't help but notice that Michelle's hair is much shorter than the character's, so I guess she wears extensions on the show?

    I have no idea why that would be important to me.

    Anybody else remember when Cynthia Watros played a loony on Guiding Light? I think her character was called Annie.

  8. I'm with VG. Money more than likely isn't an object for these girls. Michelle is very talented and Girlfight was NOT a bomb. So, WHY the HELL can't she find and pay for a taxi? Or a chauffer or whatever.

    I'm tired of those who can afford these things NOT getting them. "Hey, I have about $20, 000 in 20's in my wallet, right now. Lets tank up and go for a drive!"

    What a waste.

  9. Pat--not just the same week--they were busted within 15 minutes of each other!

    As for celebrities "blowing it" (you could say the same for professional athletes and politicians, etc. as actors), here is my take.

    While I'm sure that fame, power, and money do play a part in making "temptation," in whatever form, more readily available, I firmly believe that when it comes to substance abuse, etc., addiction knows no race, gender, or socio-economic status.

    Every person who has an addiction, whatever it may be, must reach a point (some people call it "rock bottom," but I don't believe it really has to be that--or maybe what is the "bottom" for one person may be only the beginning for another) at which they are finally able to have some insight into their own decisions, behavior, and the consequences thereof, and make a conscious decision to fight it. (How's THAT for a run-on sentence, Pat?)

    Unfortunately, part of the disease of addiction is that it is self-denying, like many mental illnesses are...and that's tough to beat. Maybe this incident will provide a "moment of clarity" for Michelle...or perhaps she has further to fall yet. I hope it's the former.

  10. Is it me, or does that second girl look so bad, she looks like Kathy Griffin?

    And then, isn't that sad for Kathy Griffin, that someone's really bad mug shot looks like her on a good day?


  11. I wonder if they were coming home from some kind of party, seeing that they were both arrested driving home within 15 minutes of each other. Elizabeth was right, Watros used to play Annie on Guiding Light, and man, was she EVIL. She was such a great actress and yet she never seemed to move forward in her career until this little Lost role, and who knows what will happen with that.

    As one that grew up amongst the stars, and my mother worked in the 'industry' for her whole career, I can attest that these people are the most insecure, screwed up folks you could ever imagine. Just because they can act doesn't remove their demons. They really are a bundle of neurosis, these actors.