Friday, December 16, 2005

Just One Reason To Love Him

When he finds me curled in a fetal position around a heating pad, in the grip of the afore-mentioned Evil Uterus Demon, he says only two things:

1. "I'm sorry."

2. "There's Phish Food in the freezer. I bought it for you yesterday."

He is my MAN.


  1. Nothing like Ben and Jerry's to cure what ails ya!

    Smart man :-)

  2. Laurie, when you're right, you're right. How long 'til menopause? Oh, yeah, THAT sucks too.

    Doug--it's all about knowing your bread, and where it's buttered, innit? Or when not to tease a wolverine, or something. Either way, he's smart like that.

  3. Ok, where do you get a man like that- I know there's a store somewhere! I wanna! xx

  4. That's the thing, Diane--they don't come ready-made. It's a kit, with some assembly required. I'd hate to think how many hormone-fueled ambushes the poor man had to survive to get to this point.

    He actually just phoned me on his way home and asked "What do you require?" Cracked me up.

    The answer? Onion dip.

  5. Um, can I just say that PHISH FOOD is the HOLY GRAIL of B&J Ice Cream?

    Chocolate fishies? Caramel? MARSHMALLOW CREME?

    Oh god. I have to go to the store.

  6. You can't--you have a party to host tonight! You'll have to wait until that last straggler goes home.

  7. A good man is hard to find... glad you found yours. Mine would never think to do that for me! I'm jealous.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  8. Jess, this does not indicate a deficiency in your man, but rather a sweetness in you, most likely, that prevents you from tearing faces from the skulls of those around you during PMS.

  9. we definitely don't get that flavour way up here. but i am going to Safeway RIGHT NOW to make sure, because my uterous is uttering threats and I DO NOT LIKE IT.