Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Family got together last night to celebrate the birthday (which is actually today) of the most amazing woman I've ever encountered. We all went for a big fancy-schmancy dinner--including the three-year-old (we're that brave), and it was just great. I have the most amazing family, and am truly blessed, and this woman is the cornerstone of all that I have, and all that I am. If it's good. If it annoys you, then it's most likely something I developed all on my own, somewhere far away from her. The whole everyone in the family just loving the stuffing out of each other thing? That's hers.And for those of you who have (and I thank you EVER so much for doing so) accused me of falsifying my age and actually being younger than I say (I wish): Let me just say--and I can, because she is not a vain woman, my mother--that this woman is sixty years old. That's 60. As of today. Marvel, people. And while you're at it, please pray that I have these genes!

Happy Birthday, and many, many more to the best possible woman "in all the whole happy world" (as my daughter would say) that God could ever have selected to bring up a little person as difficult as myself, and do a such good job of it. I love you the MOST.





  2. Please add my Happy Birthday to your mom, and my wish that you might be willing to SHARE those genes!

    Bella has her grandma's eyes -- lucky little girl.

  3. It's funny--the photo tricks you, because Mom's are dark brown, and Bella's are clear blue. But they do favor, which is good either way you look at it!

  4. add my happy birthday as well.

  5. Thank you, my lovely daughter and thanks to my whole beautiful family for a wonderful evening in honor of your favorite Senior Citizen, ME!
    Loving all of you is the easiest thing I ever did.
    Thanks to all the well-wishers on the blog, too! I'm not really old. I have just accumulated many birthdays.

  6. Happy Birthday Judith!!


  7. I was like "whoa, look at this woman, she's 60!" and my hubby's all "Whoa, she's HOT!"
    Ha ha

  8. Happy Birthday Belinda's Mom!

    Mothers and Grandmothers of "Frigging Poodle People" are pretty darned special in my opinion. In fact, you might be in such rarified company you should start a support group. Should I send you my mother's email addy? (VBG)

    Has Belinda given you or any family members a live poodle as a Christmas or Birthday gift yet?

    Lisa Deming (Mason's mom...the poodle who is puppy JT's daddy)

  9. Happy birthday - damn those are good genes, she looks so young! Get her to a lab pronto so they can start figuring out how to clone that stuff :)

  10. Happy birthday Judith!! Wish I looked as good at 38 as you do at 60!!!!

    Love, Lisa

  11. "Loving all of you is the easiest thing I ever did."

    OMG. That is SO Hallmark cheese!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

    mom sure is a sweet lady.

  12. Tony, our family IS CHEESE!!

    Aged, sharp, and a wee bit moldy.

    But DEEElicious. :-)

  13. Happy Birthday! And wow do I hope I look even HALF that good at 60! I think I better invest in some oil of Olay! I don't look that good at 33!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. . . this family is so... yeah, wonderful. I love reading this blog for just that reason!

    Well, that, and all the hysterical Bella-isms. . .