Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Baby...

Got you on my miii...ind. But since I apparently wasn't on yours, at least anniversarily speaking (having spoken to you on the phone a handful of times and seen you in person once without a mention of what day it is), I finally broke down and said it first.

"Happy Anniversary, by the way."

"Oh, Happy Anniversary, my sweet puddin' pie; I love you more than the whole wide world...I'm so glad that five years ago today I made you my wife." (blissful sigh)

"And I still love you."

"What do you mean, still??"

"Just that now, 5 years later, after everything you've put me through, I still love you!"


"Wait--what have I put YOU through?"

(long silence)


(Indignantly, and in Nascar-fan accent) "Well, the fact that you don't know, just shows that you are not privy to the innermost secrets of my heart." (this last part really sounds like Ernest T. Bass, and I burst out laughing) "I opened up my heart to you, and you trampled alllllll over it. (pause) But seriously, Happy Anniversary, Baby."

Really, he didn't forget...he's been talking about it all this week. We'll be celebrating the occasion at...the highly romantic office Christmas party!! Because Mom keeps scheduling them for Dec. 9! But it will be a good time, and with my mom cooking, probably better food than we'd get eating out!

We've been through some stuff, he and I, but ultimately, I picked the best 'un, and I hope he feels the same.
(click to enlarge, I think)


  1. Thanks, guys. We had a great time tonight, and came home tired, well-fed, and happy.

  2. Congratulations to both of you.

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary!